Boils / Abscesses: Home Remedies that May Work

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A boil is a painful pus that results from bacteria invading from the outside into the skin and inflaming the follicle. When boils are connected to each other under the skin, it's a carbuncle. When boils form a large pus-filled cavity within the tissue of the body, it's an abscess.


In addition to medications or other treatment methods, you can try the following tips to make you feel better at home:


1. Make a warm compress with pansy tea several times a day and place it on the diseased skin.

2. Camomile and sunhat ointment, which you can buy as finished preparations in the pharmacy, have an anti-inflammatory effect and promote healing.

3. In case of severe itching, it is recommended to use salt water, which you can make from one liter of boiled water and five teaspoons of cooking salt.


4. Soak a cotton ball with eight drops of tea tree oil and dab the boil two to three times a day.


5. Cook a flax porridge and put it in a linen bag. Place it as hot as possible on the inflamed area of ​​the skin and do not remove it until it has cooled. This procedure is especially effective if you repeat it several times a day.


6. Use a tablespoon of ground fenugreek seeds and some water to make a thick porridge that you rub on a mullet lump. Allow the pack to soak in the boil several times a day for about 20 minutes.


Note: the tips mentioned above should not be a substitute for your doctor's advice; you need to consult your doctor before trying any of them.

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These messages are for mutual support and information sharing only. Always consult your doctor before trying anything you read here.
I am trying dry healing clay on a boil. It was purchased as a facial product for a cleansing mask.
Did it work
Smile's PRID a homeopathic drawing salve works wonders for drawing out the infection. Follow that with Clearasil to dry it up. Have used this salve since the 60's.
I found a product called "Prid" that is awesome for boils, carbunkles, pimples, etc. It come in an orange tin with black lettering. The tin is about the size of a fifty cent piece, however it is based bit more than a quarter inch thick.

You can find it in any drug store or in Wal-Mart's Health and Beauty aids.

I get a bandage that is at least twice as big as the boil, put a clump of Prid right in the middle of the bandage, and cover the boil with it, tightly. The size of that clump depends on the size of the boil. I put at least as much Prid necessary for a thick pad of Prid on top of the boil. Don't puncture the boil or anything!!!. Trial and error will teach you.l how much to put on it.

After covering the boil tightly with the Prid Bandage, leave it there for THREE DAYS without uncovering it. On the third day, carefully remove the bandage and clean area gently with water dampened gauze. If the boil is anything more than just a pink patch of new skin, cover it again, just like before, for three more days. Continue this treatment until that area is healed past the point of new skin and looks pretty normal. The Prid won't do anything to skin that is fine.

ADDITIONALLY- Prid is the BEST for bug bites of all kinds, just treat the bites the same way!!

Prid is black, sticky, oily, and nasty looking. However, boils, carbunkle, etc. can't stand up to it! My mom had a carbunkle on her back that would never drain completely and kept coming back, creating a horrible infected... Thing. It took 12 days of Prid before we started seeing new skin.

Prid. Man, that stuff really works... Every time!