What is the cure for scabies?

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Keep the skin clean. Hot compress can be applied when there is redness and swelling. When there is pus, the pus can be removed. But you can't squeeze it. When there are fever, headache and other systemic discomfort, you can choose penicillin and other antibiotics.
how do you get rid of scabies out of a house
The very first thing I want u to know is that natural scabies treatments are highly unlikely to cure your scabies infestation. Scabies are a real nuisance that requires serious treatment—if getting rid of scabies was as easy as we wish it was then it likely wouldn’t have picked up the nickname "the seven year itch".

The best (and only) cure is to use oral ivermectin and/or topical permethrin cream.

To prevent this you’ll have to ensure that your home, work space, car and any other locations that you frequent are entirely disinfected. Just as important, make sure that the people and animals in your life have also taken care of (or are taking care of) their risk of scabies and getting rid of the mites if they need to. That part is hard, but you need to.
Where do scabies live and how do you get rid of them
It lives under your skin. Permethrin cream could help to eradicate scabies.