What does crescendo angina (120.0) mean?

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Angina pectoris crescendo (120.0) means what?
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You should distinguish angina from other types of pain such as that caused by indigestion.

Angina is generally described as a feeling of tightness, strangling, heaviness, or suffocation and is usually concentrated on the left side, beginning just under the breastbone; it sometimes radiates to the neck, throat, and lower jaw and down the left arm, and occasionally to the stomach, back, or across to the right side of the chest. The pain seldom lasts more than 15 minutes and is usually relieved by rest and relaxation or by administration of nitrates. If it is not relieved in 10 to 15 minutes, the physician should be notified and the patient taken to a cardiac care unit. The decreased blood supply to the heart makes it especially vulnerable to arrhythmias and myocardial infarction, which are the cause of death in about one third of all cases.
I am a morbidly obese 43 yo female ht 66" wt 303, waist circumstance is 55". My upper belly is the fattest part of my body. My belly protrudes 3.5 ft from center, I am 4 ft wide, my stomach hangs down pulls me forward, so I pull my fat up and hold it on my lap. I have a visceral fat level of 54, I was told that I will be dead in the next 24 mos if I don't have surgery or start losing weight on my own. I have angina from microvascular coronary artery disease, I'm diabetic, hypertensive, and hyperlipidemia, all of the numbers are our of control even with meds, I am a heavy 2 pack or more a day smoker, I am sedentary, just climbing we flight of steps leaves me gasping for breath, sweaty, tired and has triggered my angina. Lately I've been having 3vor more attacks per day, the nitroglycerin usually works but the last episode took 3 pills to bring the pains in my chest, arm, neck and tightness in my throat down from severe to mild. I'm still having some intermittent tightness and pressure in my chest sling with sweats, nausea, I was thinking I should go to the ER. I would hate for it to be completely nothing. Advice?
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crescendo angina, also called preinfarction angina orUnstable angina,  refers to cardiac chest pain that usually occurs wile at rest.