What causes the loss of taste and smell?

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Some loss of taste and smell is natural with aging, especially after age 60. However, other factors can contribute to loss of taste and smell, including: Nasal and sinus problems, such as allergies, sinusitis or nasal polyps. Certain medications, including beta blockers and angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors might cause it too.
What can i take for this to make it better
Hi, Shirley, did you go to see an ENT doctor to exclude other possible disease? do you have chronic sinusitis, are you taking any medications? tips may help include to train your nose with different smells, to take food rich with vitamines such as vitamin B12, pay more attention to what you have already smelled, do excercises to increase the blood flow to your nose.
In fact, loss of taste and smell go hand-in-hand. When one sense is inhibited, the other is affected. Common causes of these symptoms include ordinary illnesses such as a cold, nasal passage congestion, nasal obstruction, breathing problems, allergies and changes in taste bud receptors.
My loss of taste came suddenly. I had dry mouth for a few months before. My PCP suspects this may be caused by one of my regular medications. I take anti depressants and Xanax and Temazepam. Also Evoxac for dry mouth. I think it's Temapazem. I want to wean off this drug.
It can only be trial and error. You can only try to stop each drug to see if the symptom gets better. But you should be under your doctor's guidance when you stop these drugs since stopping a drug would probably induce disease flare-ups.
I have lost my taste buds. My smell is still with me. I am 80, but the taste went over night. Can I ever get it back? I do not take any meds except vitamins and calcium and glucosamine. No allergies, no sinus trouble. My husband and and I do oral sex occasionally. Could this be the cause?
I think you'd better to see a dentist. Taste loss and oral sex may not be related.