What is a hard lump in the soft part of the arm, the backside of the elbow joint where you get blood taken?

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After the nurse withdraw blood from your vein, you need to press hard for a few minutes, otherwise there's bruise. If you barely pressed, it's possible that you got a lump, which is a big bruise.
It sounds like a calcified hematoma to me. This is not a big concern, since it frequently resolves spontaneously without any treatment.
Based on the association between this lump and blood drawing, it is most likely to be a hematoma that is caused by inadeuqate application of pressure to the blood drawing site. This lump is likely to be regressed spontaneously without any treatment.
It sounds like you got a hematoma after apuncture in the vein. Did you press the apuncture point? or you should consult your doctor about your coagulation function.
Everybody here is talking about the lump AFTER blood drawing. I wonder what about a lump that has nothing to do with blood drawing? It's possible that whoever asked the question was just trying to specify the location of the lump.