I have had shingles for 10 weeks with no relief.

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It is not a surprise at all! Although the disease course for shingles generally lasts less than 1-3 months, there are a lot of patients that are affected by postherpetic neuralgia for even years!

Certainly, you should make an appointment with a dermatologist and thoroughly review your medication regimen to tailor the best treatment for you. It is also important to examine whether you are immunologically compromised.
I actually have found that hand sanitizer applied to the area when extremely itchy kills the itching and within 2to 3 days it's all dried up. But since I have been a bit more stressed than usual the spots reappear shingles reappear within 3 days(new ones). This just started....don't know either if menopause triggered it either, but I feel with benadryl and hand sanitizer it's working to relieve the symptoms.
Menopause is very likely to be a trigger. Your immune system is weakened during menopause, so it would not be able to suppress shingles any more. The shingles virus hides at your nerves, and it is normally checked by your immune system. When your immune system is weak, it gets activated.
Herpes zoster virus can be latent in humans for a long time. The time it disappears depends on your resistance and the concentration of antibodies in your body. You can ask your doctor to prescribe medicine to relieve your symptoms. At the same time, you should strengthen exercise and increase resistance.