What causes cysts on the kidney(s)?

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There are many causes that can cause a cyst in the  kidneys. Most of the patients inherit the condition from their parents but it can also occur without any genetic link.

Acquired cystic kidney disease is not inherited and occurs in middle or old age. It is common in people who already have one or more kidney problems, it's especially common in those with kidney failure or on dialysis.
I had an ultrasound that showed a 14mm cyst in the upper pole of my right kidney.  Should I be concerned?
It is not large enough to oppress the kidney, but you'd better have regular tests to monitor the condition and development.
It's not clear what causes simple kidney cysts. One theory suggests that kidney cysts develop when the surface layer of the kidney weakens and forms a pouch (diverticulum). The pouch then fills with fluid, detaches and develops into a cyst.
What causes kidneys to ache and burn
It is most commonly caused by a kidney stone. Other conditions, such as kidney cancer, kidney cyst, and kidney infection would cause pain as well.