Arthritis: Home Remedies

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Arthritis is inflammation of one or more of your joints. Rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic fever, and gout are all commonly known subtypes of arthritis.

These conditions mostly result in pain, stiffness, swelling, and decreased range of motion. Besides seeking help from a doctor to treat it with medications and surgery, arthritis sufferers, indeed, can do something at home to help manage these symptoms.

Proper amount of active exercises could keep the affected joints moving, strengthen the muscles that support the painful joints and preserve and increase joint range of motion, relieving the effect of the condition. Commonly recommended sports include cycling, swimming, and skiing. You should consult your doctor about the most suitable sports for you.

Ice packs or ice compresses are effective in reducing pain and inflammation from many conditions, arthritis included. You can apply ice packs to the affected joints for a short period of time to quickly remove the pain. Remember not to overuse it, or it will worsen your situation.

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Weird, I feel heat compress work more effectively than ice, at least on my knee.
In fact both cold and hot compress may work. The effect can vary from person to person. So just apply the one you think is proper, and don't make it too hot in case it may hurt you.
I agree that heat therapy on my knee works good for pain,but (and this is a big but) ice controls the swelling and inflammation and is a must in ur treatment.
Moist heat works for me. It helps to relax every painful irritated joint and muscle it touches.
Right, I do heat compress at night, so I can sleep painlessly and well. The next morning the stiffness and pain come back. I guess nothing really works.
Heat is better from my experience... For me, cold compress tends to make it worse. The heat sooths it. It feels great! It is true its effect doesn’t last that long. After all, compress is just used to relieve stiffness and pain.
Hot compress may be more beneficial to you at night. Try to apply it regularly before you go to bed. At least it can bring you a nice sleep.
XL heat pad with automatic timing works wonders. I've been managing chronic pain  <fibromyalgia> for the past 15 years, and concluded that a "hear pad" is one of the best forms of treatment. Also, BioFreeze patches, not gel or spray. These xl patches lasts from 12-16 hours. I've been using them for 3 months. When using these patches, it cuts down on my daily opioid intake. The cost is $8.00. Do not use both patch and heating pad at the same time. The best heating pad to purchase is the type that has a cloth interior. The plastic interior heating pad does not conform to the contours of your body, neither will you receive the same results.