How much Senokot-S can an adult take for constipation?

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For adults, starting from 2 tablets a day, gradually increase to up to 4 tablets a day. For Senokot S, the dual action.
How long can you take Senokot-S?
Less than a week. Laxatives are not for everyday usage. You use when necessary. In the long run, dietary fiber and probiotics are the solution to constipation.
1 to 2 tablets (8.6 to 17.2 mg sennosides) PO twice daily. Max dose: 4 tablets (34.4 mg sennosides) PO twice daily.
Do you continue to take Senokot-S for a long period of time?
Do not use Senokot (sennosides capsules and tablets) for more than 1 week unless told to do so by your doctor.