Location of pancreas.

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The pancreas is located in the upper abdomen behind the stomach.

Is this the same as spleen! I fell and injured my tail bone and the doctor told me my Spleen is oversized.
No. The tail of pancreas just abuts the spleen. Spleen is the second most common organ to be ruputured during abdominal trauma (the 1st is the liver)
An enlarged spleen may be due to a number of infections and diseases. If you have an enlarged spleen but don't have any symptoms (pain or fullness in the left upper abdomen, anemia, fatigue, frequent infections, easy bleeding, etc.) and the cause can't be found, your doctor may suggest watchful waiting. You'll have to see your doctor for reevaluation in six to 12 months or sooner if you develop any symptoms.
Wow that’s crazy
Hello my ct scan and ultrasound came back with no mass or cyct but my pancreas duct is dilated 3.5 to 4mm. My doctor told me it's nothing to worry about that sometimes as you get older your duct might dilate. Does anyone no anything about this.
The normal diameter for a pancreas duct is 2 to 4mm. Yours is roughly within the normal range. Anyway, I see no reasons for concern
The cyst in the tail of my pancreas is 4.3 cm by 3.3 cm by 3.3 cm.  Dr. is scheduled to phone call me this Friday. Just had a previous MRI in August 2019 and it was 3.3 cm by 2.5 cm x 3.3 cm. Took a biopsy which was negative for cancer, had a follow up MRI 7 months later and is in the larger size listed in this paragraph. Wonder what is next?
Hi, you may have misunderstood. What Ryan Hartwell said is the size of the pancreatic duct, which is not to be confused with a pancreatic cyst. I guess that your dr may monitor the cyst with regular MRIs.