What are the treatments for blood infection?

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What are the treatments for blood infection?
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Sepsis is a severe condition, the common treatment is antibiotics, vasopressors, steroids. However, sepsis has to be handled by medical professionals.
If you do have sepsis, your doctor will likely place you in the hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU). There, he’ll try to stop the infection, keep vital organs functioning, and regulate your blood pressure (IV fluids and extra oxygen can help with this).
Once your doctor knows for sure what’s causing your sepsis, he’ll put you on medicine that targets that specific germ. Often, doctors prescribe vasopressors (drugs that cause the blood vessels to narrow) to improve blood pressure.

If your case is severe, you might need other types of treatment, like a breathing machine or kidney dialysis. Sometimes surgery is needed to drain or clean an infection.
what if u have more septic,i have cyst on spin
Sepsis is a severe infectious condition that should be treated promptly. The cyst will not be affected even if you have it on the spine.
It's infection that has a strong possibility of moving faster than anything that can damage the body. The meds for it are just as dangerous as I was put on several just to get started but after I took something really strong I actually cried orange tears along with other not fun systems. Good luck
That reminds me of the experience i had last year. More accurately speaking, my son had. He's only 15 months at that time, called Teddy. And it's was at the end of Dec, supposed to be a joyful moment. Then that night he kept crying and seemed no end of it, and my husband and i just can't fall asleep. I got up and wanted to hold Teddy but found him tapping his ear. So strange. And i checked his ears and some fluid leaked from the right one. And he also has a fever of about 102F. My husbandand i were worried so much and we called the Dr. But Dr said it's middle ear infection and it's frequent for children under 3 yr, and he prescribed amoxicillin for Teddy. I though it could be a relief, however, after taking the drug for one day, Teddy had a rash on his body. And he continued to vomit and had diahhrea those 3days. I asked Dr and he said it was a normal thing. It's unavoidable that amoxicillin has side effect and some children would be impacted by it. After about one week Teddy got much better and those combined illnesses went away.Thank God. I felt such a relief. And good luck with you too