Describe C. Diff infection.

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What is it? Contagious? How to treat it?
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CDIFF what is it
Will it go away on its own
No, it will not go away on its own. You have to get rid of it by using antibiotics. Otherwise, it would cause severe diarrhea and abdominal pain.
I got mine from antibiotics they gave me to cure a mrsa UTI 2 weeks later I had another one and that's how I got cdiff and then had to take more antibiotics and the antibiotics gave me thrush also. I've had sepsis from a uti and almost died so now I'm very susceptible to mrsa.
Same here! I had never known that it was a recurring disease until I was diagnosed with C. diff at the hospital several days ago, again. I’m 30 years old and was diagnosed with C. diff two months ago. It was just after a week stay in the hospital for acute infectious colitis. As I left the hospital, the Dr. prescribed me IV Vacomycin, and flagyl 250mg every 8 hours for 10 days. A month later, I went back to work cause all of my symptoms just went away. But just days ago, I got a fever and swollen right lower side for about 2 days. I was prescribed Cipro this time but the pain and diarrhea returned and just then I knew it was C. diff coming back. Really wanna know if I can totally recover from it or I have to live with it for my whole life.
Wrong. Taking antibiotics is a cause of it, antibiotics kills bad gut virus plus GOOD gut virus. You have to take PROBIOTICS, either in supplements or in foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut, Kombucha Tea.
Girl, I had MRSA with EXCRUCIATING,gaping wounds all over my body, for 10 months before a dr FINALLY cultured the last one! My previous DRM named Braintwain must have missed that day in med school!  For the next 3 months I felt like I was DYING!  Then I did almost die of septic shock & nearly lost my hand, ironically on New Years Day!  I feel for you!  If O can answer any questions, PLEASE feel free to reach out!
She said to reach out to her and I want to do that. How do I do this?
Annaymous, please tell mehiwto contact you about this problem, I had thesame thing
To Nswer who called someone"s treatment WRONG....C diff is not a Virus it is a bacyerial infection.  Agree with tx including stayinv on probiotics to help keep your gut stronger in it's good bacteria flourishing but it will t cure c diff.  It is mainly caused by antibiotics then ironically and sadly treated with more antibiotics. C DFF
Id aso vey contagious. Zand called a nosocomial infection, meaning it is picked up in the hospital.  It can be deadly for very ill patients already. Sometimes a Urologist may prescribe small dose preventitive antibiotic for those who vet many UTI'S and BLADDER infectiond.  If not there is anincrddible homepathic medicine called D-MANNOSE -  a powder you can purchase OTC WITHOUT a prescription.  
It is eccellent natural medicine keeps your blsdder at a PH i hibits bacterial growth.  Great prevetative vs small doses of antibiotcs.  My primary wh is tradt4 wrstern family pratice DO, and also treats with homeopathic productsthat are much safer than chemials to help prevent UTI's. My girlfriendr was just given the same advice from her primary MD.  You can purchase this at a Vitain Shop or other stores that sell supplements and homeopathic medicines.
The same is happening to me! I get a UTI, doc prescribes cephalexin, then I get C-diff! This has been going on for months now! Gah!!!
Do not worry too much. C-diff is treatable with many drugs, such as metronidazole (Flagyl) and vancomycin (Vancocin)
I have been in hospital 2 times with it. 10 days at each stay. Last time I paid $1000 for Dicipid Med, then about about 10 weeks Vancomycin. Just finished meds last week, now the C-Diff diarrhea is back with a vengeance. Does anyone ever get over it. I am 82, always was athletic, very energetic, owned my business 28 years, just retired2 weeks ago. Hardly ever had cold, flu, etc.
Please google “cultured or fermented vegetables”. (They are probiotics) My mom, in her 80’s had c-diff 4 times, (she was pretty much living on antibiotics and in the hospital a lot) After her 4th round of c-diff and Vancomycin —I’d read about how much more helpful these veggies were compared to the bottled probiotics the doctors were prescribing. So we started her on fermented veggies - a mounded teaspoon twice a day (or once a day as maintenance). She has been ‘c-diff free’  for 8 years until this winter...and I’m sure that it’s based on the fact that - for the first time in 8 yrs , she went for 6-8 weeks with out her fermented veggies as the company we used stopped shipping them over the holiday months...not sure why?? (Also during her 8 years of not having C-diff- -four of those years she was on antibiotics more then ever before in her life)
Interesting story. I am not sure whether you are with the company to promote your products. You must declare conflicts of interest first. Fermented foods do contain proantibiotics. Not quite sute which one contains more.
I just took my other half and he was diagnosed with c diff I was told to bleach everything and they are giving him probiotics not antibiotics. That's how you can get it. Bleach bleach bleach. And people wear your darn masks anywhere you go. You can contact numourose ways clothing your bedding. Too many ways to put on here.
C. diff or C. difficile, is namely Clostridium difficile, which is a kind of bacteria that infect the human bowel and cause diarrhea. People who have recently been treated with antibiotics are more easy to be infected with C. diff.

This kind of bacteria is contagious through person-to-person touch or direct contact with contaminated objects and surfaces, such as clothing, cell phones, door handles or so.

Moreover, the standard treatment for C. diff infection is also taking antibiotics, which in turn prohibits the bacteria from growing and thus relieves diarrhea as well as other complications. Vancomycin (Vancocin HCL, Firvanq) or fidaxomicin (Dificid) are usually prescribed by the doctor for this kind of infection.
I am 57 and got C diff somewhere. I took both types of antibiotics (flagyl and vancomycin). Neither did any good and the vanco made me worse. I eventually cured myself with a doc’s help.  He gave me Cholestyramine which I took at every meal.  Then I repopulated my whole intestine with good bacteria. I took Nature’s Way Primadophilus Optima which contains all the correct bacteria plus taking Vitazyme (probiotic enzymes) and an enteric coated Oregano with every meal.  I also took generic Metamusil which bound up my poop! I also keep up on my daily vitamins, CoQ10, garlic, fish oil, folic acid and glucosamine.
I’m desperate for answers! I feel like the plague . I’m going to tell my doctor how you did it. Thanks so much for the helpful post!
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