I had a CT scan, it showed another kidney stone and I have pain, what should I do?

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May I ask the size and exact location of the stone? These are critical for determing the best next move.
4mm left side pain
A size of 4mm is not large and could probably be excreted by drinking large amount of water and exercising more.
I have had 5 kidney stones, nothing works...I tried drinking a lot of water, and needed 3 "blastings," and one was surgically removed thru the urinary tract...the first stone somehow passed within two weeks following my ER "session" on Demerol and then Morphine for about 8 hrs.  The danger with leaving them "sit" is they can grow and then be too large to be "blasted" and have to be surgically removed....hopefully thru the urinary tract, but if they are too large, they have to make an incision in your lower back and remove that way, which requires a longer recovery period.
If the stone is small, then probably drinking water and exercising more would help to excrete this stone. However, if it is large (>1cm), then it would be probably better managed by surgery or extracorporeal shockwave therapy.