Kidney stones

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What if I have kidney stones? What can I do?

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Kidney stones are hard deposits inside your kidneys and are composed of minerals and salts. They usually have no definite and single causes. These stones can appear when there are more crystal-forming substances which cannot be diluted by the fluid in your urine, including calcium, oxalate and uric acid. When these srystals stick together, the kidney stones can be formed. The symptoms of kidney stones include severe pain in the side and back, pain on the urination, nausea and vomiting, frequent need to urine and fever and chills.
I was once told I had so many stone my kidneys looked like jelly rolls I pass them without any pain It is because of the pains form the stones I have a very very high tolerance for pain
What if I have kidney stones?
You have to see a urologist and do an ultrasound to see the size, number, and location of the stones. Also, whether the stone causes hydronephrosis and kidney functional impairment should be evaluated. Then, your doctor would suggest the next move:
1. leave it alone and watchful waiting
2. conservative management with medications
3. surgical removal of the stones
I AM 67 and have kidney stones what home remedy can I use to help desolve  and pass them.
The most important thing is to drink copious amount of water. Other home remedies include lemon juice, basil juice, apple cidar vinegar, celery juice and pomegranate juice. It must be pointed out that a remarkable proportion of people still have stones after drinking these remedies.
I have had kidney stones in the past and have had two of the surgeries done and then I started going to a natural doctor that does thermagrams. She told me that I had a kidney stone and gave me phosfood to dissolve it and it did dissolve it, (calcium stone). You cannot get it without a doctor.
My left kidney has been in pain for 2days now no fever n no problem going to bathroom but pain is horrible
I guess you mean that your left side is painful. It may not be a kidney stone, it could asl be other conditions, such as diverticulitis, colitis, ovarian torsion. At least you should see a doctor and get an abdominal ultrasound scan to be what went wrong
Hopefully, if it was a stone, you have passed it by now. And, hopefully, if the pain persisted, you went to a doctor.  Fever is not a frequent symptom. And, pain when urinating, more often occurs when the stone has moved into the urinary tract. Pain in the back, in the region of a kidney, & blood in urine are the top symptoms. You may be able to see the blood, or, the amount my be small, but the doctor can test for it. Keep in mind, some types of stones grow rapidly & large, and cannot be passed. These require a visit to the hospital.
Dr. gave me Tamsulosin to treat "possible" kidney stones.  I googled the medication,  they say, has not had approval from FDA to treat women or children.
It does not mean that it is ineffective or can not be used in real practice. In fact, this scenario is pretty common in medicine. Do not worry.
Your doctor is bold. He might be quite experienced. You know you can sue him if serious side effects occur on you.
I have  a hot feeling  in my stomach  and  then a pressure  push it down  to  various
Is it chronic? If it just occurs once, it would be fine. If it is chronic, do a gastric endoscopy.
drink more h20 and cranberry juice.  stop drinking sodas diet or regular.  drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.   Rest and get plenty of sleep.  Stop eating so much red meat.  Eat more

fish and chikcken and veggies.  control diet so don't get diabetes like maternal mom.  Start walking and exercising and try to monitor effects of losing weight like diet, exercise, and a lot of water.
I have a kidney stone what can I do to help it pass
Drink LOTS of water (8 to 10 glasses a day minimum). Sometimes cranberry juice (as close to natural as possible) will help dissolve them. Make sure you're taking or eating things with Magnesium and Vitamin B6. If you're in pain (usually in the side of the back) go to a Urologist and have it checked out, don't just ignore it. There are several different kinds of kidney stones, so knowing the type can possibly prevent you from getting more.
When we are talking about kidney stones, the number and size of kidney stones are critically important. For example, if the stone is large (such as >1cm), then it is almost impossible to pass it through drinking lots of water or more exercises. If the stone is small, you can drink water to help to pass it. If it is multiple or large, then you should get rid of it through percutaneous surgery.
If it is small enough to pass, one can also jump up and down, pound gently on your back where the pain is. You won't want to do this because of the pain but it will help to pass one if it can pass. I've done this with oxalate stones, which aren't as hard and much more crumbly. Can't speak for other kinds of stones. Watch for infection after you've passed a stone. The sharp crystalline shapes of the stones can scratch the ureter as it passes giving a place for infection.
I also had another comment but I lost it, so here it is: Please don't ignore kidney stone formation and passing, as if you could because of the pain. Kidney stone formation over the years scars the kidneys and cuts back on kidney function. Down the road loss of kidney function can be added to by MRI's or CT scans with contrast  or surgeries all can cut down on kidney function. The problem is the accumulative affects over time. Next down the road a tick bite, my case, which ended my kidney functioning at 72 years old. Thank God my daughter is donating a kidney to me so I don't have to go through dialysis after December 3rd of this year(2019). Don't ignore kidney stones, there are therapy methods that can be used today to eliminate them and stop the scarring. Ignorance in the past didn't help anything, more knowledge has been acquired to help us today.
What can I do to get rid of kidney stones in my kidneys I've tried drinking minute maid lemon juice water and nothing is completely getting them out of the kidney could you please give me some advice on how to get them out without having surgery done on them,some people has said drink beer and it would make you pee pee pee but I'm not sure about that because I'm not a drinker could you please answer my questions.
Hi, Doris, the management of your kidney stones depend on the size and number of your stones. If you have already tried drinking plenty of water without success, then I guess you may have to use extracorporeal shock wave therapy or surgery. The first method smashes the stones to numerous small pieces which will be expected to be flushed down your urinary tract by peeing. However, if your kidney stone is large, this method may not be applicable and you will still have to have surgery.