What's a good home remedy for a wet/dry hacking cough?

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I’m just getting over pneumonia, it’s been about a month now. I still have a nagging cough and am coughing up phlegm. Am I really over pneumonia and should I use a cough suppressant?
If you have no fever and the chest X-ray/CT is OK, then it is a rehabilitation stage of pneumonia. Do not use cough suppressant, since coughing here is a protective mechanism to get rid of the decadent of the bacterial infection.
I can offer you a home remedy. Since your cough is dry, you can get some moisture generated by steam to your vocal cords and sinuses. If you have a sore throat, try warm drinks to relieve pain. If you want to take some medicine, try Mucinex or Delsym. They help clear the lungs.

Hope you get better soon.
Warm, moist air is good for people with coughs, and in extreme coughs. The patient can benefit from taking a hot shower, staying in a humid bathroom, or standing over a sink draped in a towel while running hot water. The warm, moist air helps to break up the mucus, allowing the patient to expectorate it. In addition, fluids are a crucial part of treating a cough; keep the patient drinking lots of water, juice, and herbal tea while avoiding caffeine and alcohol.
  1. Drink lots of fluids
  2. Swallow some honey
  3. Sip a hot drink
  4. Clear irritants from your home
  5. Gargle saltwater
  6. Stamp out cigarettes
  7. Moisten the air
  8. Rinse your nose
If you coughing up Pham u need to take a cough suppressant like robitussin  if your cough

persists after a couple of weeks seek medical attention it maybe a upper respiratory problem