When can she receive the vaccine?

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She said: "I received the Shingrix vaccine shot at 60.  Then at 71 I was diagnosed with herpes again.  When can I get the Zostavax vaccination?  After the rash disappears?"
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There is no specific length of time you must wait after having shingles before receiving shingles vaccine, but generally you should make sure the shingles rash has disappeared before getting vaccinated. The decision on when to get vaccinated should be made with your healthcare provider.
Yes, get vaccinated after the rash disappears.
I had chickenpox at 9 y/o, Im a nurse in the hospital, never had shingles vacc, just turned 68 y/o , my new Dr suggested I have it. Do I really have to.
You can get Shingrix whether or not you remember having had chickenpox in the past. Studies show that more than 99% of Americans 40 years and older have had chickenpox, even if they don’t remember having the disease. Chickenpox and shingles are related because they are caused by the same virus (varicella zoster virus). After a person recovers from chickenpox, the virus stays dormant (inactive) in the body. It can reactivate years later and cause shingles.
What can I put on it to stop the pain and inching.....please help and what can I do too dry it up
Your doctor may suggest an antiviral drug such as acyclovir (Zovirax, Sitavig) or another drug called immune globulin intravenous (Privigen). These medications may lessen the severity of chickenpox when given within 24 hours after the rash first appears. To dry the rash, you can use calamine. It will also relieve your symptoms.