Pictures of spider bites.

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Ordinary spider bite, which is pretty much just like an insect bite.

Black Widow Bite

Brown Recluse Bite

How old is this picture of the bite
They should be over 2 days.
I just. Got. This. Bite. On my brest  its a little knote   and my brest is rilly broosed  and  i. Pulled  the  blued vains bad
Hi Sarah, as sometimes bite pictures from different insects may look similar, are you sure it's a spider bite? Since it's not convenient for you to upload a picture, you need to go to see a dermatologist as soon as possible.
I was bit by something 2 days ago it stung but couldnt find what bit ot left a round red spot today is big red lump really sore put neosporin on it?
I'm Norma it's been 3 days couldnt find what bit me my leg is very red and swollen itchy and sore
Neosporin is an antibiotics for gram bacteria. Using it can prevent secondary infection to some extent, but it can not solve your swelling problem caused by toxins of the bite. Pain-killer can be used such as ibuprohen, which can inhibit the inflammation. But you still need to see a doctor, severe swelling can cause Osteofascial syndrome, which need to be incised for drainage.
Where are brown recluses found.
The most common and most famous species in the United States is the brown recluse spider ( Loxosceles reclusa ). It is found in a large area of the Midwest, west to Colorado and the New Mexico state line and east to northern Georgia.
I believe we have alot of baby spiders or a brown not sure but I got bite 2 weeks ago.and this what it look like
Thanks it helped me a whole lot.

A picture is shown:

My wife has the same looking bite. She has head aches and flu like symptoms. Is that what you have experienced?
Hi, Steve, was your wife bitten by a spider? I think James just shared this picture with us, not that it has to be a picture taken by himself. Not sure if James had a spider bite anyway.
Hi, Steve, it is not me. I just downloaded the pic from the Internet.

Symptoms that may accompany a spider bite include:
itching or rash
pain around the area of the bite
muscle pain or cramping
blister that’s red or purple in color
difficulty breathing
nausea and vomiting
anxiety or restlessness
swollen lymph glands
high blood pressure

Your wide may have a spider bite, or may not. The symptoms are not so specific. How long has it been?
My husband got a spider bite he’s Been  having fever and headaches and nausea. Don’t know what kind of spider. Thank you
Determing which kind of spider is not important now. You should take him to the hospital to get treated. The fever is concerning
I was in Crandon this past weekend and i was bite by a spider and have had the same flu systoms, but its 4 days later and i am still weak and dizzy. Dont know what to think
Do you think it is possible to be a black widow bite? Black widow bite is often associated with fatigue and dizziness.
That looks like Lyme disease caused by a tick and especially if accompanied by flu like symptoms.
I have a bite on my foot like his. Is it a pider bite i thoghts ants had stung me but this is yellow n middle like the picture shown.
It seems to be a spider bite. If it is not severe, you can treat it at home:
Apply an ice pack on and off the bite for 10 minutes at a time.
Elevate the area to reduce swelling.
Take an antihistamine, such as diphenhydramine (Benadryl), to help with itching.
Clean the area with soap and water to prevent infection.
Apply antibiotic ointment to the area if blisters develop.
I was bitten several times by several spiders or one that was trapped in the edge of my dress and my inner thigh. The swelling has gone down, it's been 4 days but the bites are still viable with huge redness around all the bites. Can I upload the pictures?
Are there any signs that the redness will turn into black (a sign of tissue necrosis)? You can treat it at home:

    Clean the bite with mild soap and water. Apply an antibiotic ointment to help prevent infection.
    Apply a cool damp cloth to the bite. This helps reduce pain and swelling.
    If the bite is on an arm or leg, elevate it.
    Take an over-the-counter pain reliever as needed.
    Observe the bite for signs of infection.

You need to see a doctor if the condition worsens, such as persistence of the redness over a week and progression of the redness to blackness

This is how you can upload a picture:
I was bitten on Tuesday 07/23/19 by a spider and I was itchy but it started healing.  I already had the black scab by Saturday morning. However an oval quarter size area next to the bite appeared on Saturday morning.  The surrounding skin area started peeling off very easily. It was very itchy. So I used all day a lotion to release the itchiness. At 4pm it became very painful. But since it’s behind my leg by my ankle I couldn’t see it and didn’t give it any importance. But I took an ibuprofen and took the pain away and I kept working. At 3 am I noticed it with blood and I’m a horrible open wound condition (pic 2). So I immediately went to the emergency  The Doctor only put a bandaid and said just keep it clean!!!!  I was exhausted so I went home and slept  

At 1pm it was worse and painful so decided to go back to the hospital (pic 3).  I was given an antibiotic to fight the spider bite venom. 4/day for 7 days  I’m home now and the top layer fell off (pic4).  The doctor said it was very red to keep an eye on it  

I don’t have any other symptoms, but The Doctor said it was not a black spider.  

I do believe it was a Brown Recluse spider.

I’m actually attempting to load the pictures but I don’t know how....
Hi, Marcy, I'm sorry for what you've experienced. You can upload a picture as instructed at Hopefully you'll receive some possible explanations. Remember to add the picture in a new answer or a new question; pictures are not allowed in the comment yet.
What bug or spider bits start out small and spends into fat letter V with a tail
The shape of the bite is not diagnostic. It could only be a wild guess, such as a recluse spider bite
Looks like and the symptoms definitely sound like it may possibly be Lyme disease caused by a tick.
I got bit about a month ago on the p alm of myhand it itches horribly it will peel to get deeper about the size of a dime
You can use antihistamines or hydrocortisone creams to curb the itching. How deep is your spider bite? If it is superficial, then it would not be a problem. If it is very deep, I think you need to see a doctor.
2 openings
I have a bite that is two marks it looks like a vampire bite.
It sounds like a black widow spider bite. This is very dangerous. You should see a doctor ASAP. BTW, a picture of black widow spider bite is attached in this thread for your inspection.
But wouldn't the black Widow spider be limited to certain areas or regions? I was bitten on Sunday and also have two marks but 8in Omaha Nebraska and I didn't think Black Widows are found in the midwest or regions that have very cold snowy winters. I do know the brown and Red Recluse spider are common and have heard they have been very prevalent in the area following the flooding in March and heavy rain falls all summer. Anyone know if this is true or if it has any affection the prevalence of spiders?
Black widow spiders could be found in Nebraska. Info source:
I got bit by a spider ,very  sick, what should I do,
You need to go to the ER and get medical support. The doctors would run a batch of tests to see if there are any problems and treat you accordingly.  You may also get antibiotics to prevent secondary infection. If your bite wound is bad, then wound care may also be necessary

Black widow spider bite

Itchy red leaking clear liquid,  bit me in 2 places,  middle finger and not as bad bite on my little finger. Didn't see what it was,  i had just gone to bed and my finger started itching.
If the bite just itches, and there is no swelling or redness or pain, you can try antihistamine cream first. If it does not work, you should go to see a dermatologist for further treatment.
A question from one of our Facebook users from the HTQ Facebook Page:

Does most spiders bites hurt for a few days and hurt.? And stay red..? For a few days
Yes. The pain caused by spider bites generally last several hours to a few days. The redness and swelling caused by the bite would be expected to decrease after a few days.
My granddaughter has these bites by?

They're round, black itchy. Treated they disappear but still gets more
Where are the bites? Is it flea bites? Have you checked her clothing and bed covers for fleas?