What are the signs and symptoms of hernias?

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What kind of hernias are you talking about? Is it inguinal hernia, or hiatal hernia, or a femoral hernia, or a diaphragmatic hernia, or some other hernias? I could list at least 10 names of different hernias.
Hernia of groin
The symptoms of inguinal hernias include:
A bulge in the area on either side of your pubic bone, which becomes more obvious when you're upright, especially if you cough or strain
A burning or aching sensation at the bulge
Pain or discomfort in your groin, especially when bending over, coughing or lifting
A heavy or dragging sensation in your groin
Weakness or pressure in your groin
Occasionally, pain and swelling around the testicles when the protruding intestine descends into the scrotum

Signs and symptoms of a strangulated hernia include:
Nausea, vomiting or both
Sudden pain that quickly intensifies
A hernia bulge that turns red, purple or dark
Inability to move your bowels or pass gas