Stress-Relieving Home Spa Experiences

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It has been scientifically proved that soaking in warm water can help relieve stress. Warm water can stimulate the release of dopamine, a kind of hormone which combats with the effects of stress. With DIY home spa plus good atmosphere and hydrotherapy massage, you can relax your muscles and relieve pressure on nerves. 

Things about stress-relieving home spa that you need to pay attention to:

1) Mood and atmosphere

Compared with home spa for other purposes, home spa for stress relief focuses especially on mood. A proper atmosphere is essential to releasing your pressure and relaxing your nerve system.

Turn off the electric lights and use candles to fill the room with relaxing scents and lighting. If you are in a bad mood, try to get rid of the bad minds. Deep breathe in the pleasant smell you like until you calm down.

Give yourself some relaxing and smoothing melodies if you can arrange that in your room. Search for quiet music, find your favorite list, and play it with audio electronics or just your phone.

2) Ignore those social media apps

Don't be distracted during the process. Turn off your phone, or at least social media apps in it, and don't even try to think of trifles in work or life. Comfortably lie in the warm water, listen to your favorite music, close your eyes to escape from tiresome daily affairs for half an hour, if not more.


3) Lavender, oil and salt

A few drops of lavender is essential in most spa treatments for comforting your mood. Add some body oil or Epsom salt which is good for your skin. Remember to use body moisturizer after enjoying soaking in warm water and stepping out of the tub.

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