Save Your Hair with Home Hair Spa

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What is a hair spa


A hair spa aims at protecting and rejuvenating the hair via using some plants, fruits or eggs to alleviate hair problems including dry hair, poor hair growth or strength, flaky scalp, etc. Simply DIY your own hair recipes with some common materials (you can find most of them in your kitchen), and you will probably get your hair problems repaired.


Basic steps of hair spa


1) Massage your scalp. This will help stimulate the blood circulation and enhance hair growth.


2) Apply special recipes for various hair problems to your hair (recipes for some common hair problems are listed below).


3) Steam your hair for a few minutes. Put a towel in warm water, squeeze extra water, and wrap it round the hair. This will protect the oil in 2).



4) Leave the oil on your hair for at least an hour. 


5) Wash your hair with cold water and mild, sulfate-free shampoo. 


6) Apply conditioner if you want.


7) Repeat the hair spa once a week.


Recipes for different hair problems


1) To avoid dry Hair: Use half a cup of coconut cream or coconut oil.



2) To enhance hair growth and strength: Mix up one egg and two teaspoons coconut oil and apply the mixture to your hair. Remember NOT to wash your hair with warm water after this treatment. 


3) To make hair soft and silky: Smash one avocado and mix it up with one teaspoon honey. Apply the mixture to your hair. 

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