What causes scalp lesions?

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What do the lesions look like? Have you seen a doctor? Please specify.
Large lesion on the back of my scalp.started with a small reddish white bump,slowly growing 4 years
Its round with opening in the middle./lesion/also ozzes greenish yellow jelly,smells bad itches like mad.also my scalp has a hard crystal like shell.had 4 biopsy with no accurate results.swollen stiff neck loss of sight in one eye.
Since you had no results after 4 biopsies, it's reasonable to conclude that it is really a difficult case. One thing, however, is clear: It must be infections, as the mass is odorous and fluid oozes. Maybe antibiotics would help to relieve this. You also have to continue to see doctors and take biopsies until it gets diagnosed.
discrete patches,macular,red-violacious lesions,pruritic in scalp,forehead and neck;no fever.no.
It sounds like seborrheic dermatitis, eczema or tinea capitis. It'll be much appreciated if you upload a picture.
I have an itchy scalp. When I scratch it it feels like I could scratch off something dried but it hurts to scratch
You can ask someone to have a look at the site where your scalp hurts to see if there any any bumps or ulcers in the scalp. If no, it could just be scalp dandruff, and the dried stuff is the dandruff. There are many shampooes that are effective for this in the market