Home Spa for Seniors

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Home Spa can help with people's physical health and wellbeing, relieving stress, and improving their overall mood. However, senior citizens may be more fragile than the younger generations and may not be able to endure the rigors of certain massages. Because of this, home spa for the elderly tends to focus on pain relief, stress management and relaxation.


Steps of home spa for seniors are given in this post. Remember to check with your health care provider before applying the steps.


Set the mood


Play some soft music and use soft light in the room. But don't make the room too dark in case the seniors cannot see clearly. The idea is to relax both the body and the spirit.





Fill the tub with warm water. You can ask the senior to try the temperature first. Add some Epsom salts, body oil, and/or lavender essence as you like. 



Note: The tub can be very slippery after adding body oil, so remind the senior to take care!




Older individuals experience the same benefits of spa treatments as the average adult. Massages can help stimulate blood circulation, ease stiffness in joints and release endorphins which can help reduce stress. Senior citizens tend to feel lonely, so a home spa can help produce a sense of comfort.


Vigorous scrubs are NOT recommended as older skin tends to be delicate and easy to be burned or teared.


Swedish massage, one of the gentlest forms of massage, is recommended because it involves long, gentle strokes and circular to reduce tension in tired muscles.


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