It is True that Tribulus Terrestris is Good for Overall Health Care?

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What is Tribulus terrestris?


Tribulus terrestris, or “puncture vine,” is a fruit-producing Mediterranean plant that grows in tropical environments around the world. People usually use the fruit, leaf, or root of the Tribulus plant as medicine.


What do people use it for?


People have taken Tribulus terrestris for a wide range of health problems, including enhancing athletic performance, stimulating body building, improving heart and circulatory conditions and dealing with sexual issues. It seems that people treat Tribulus terrestris as the solution of all kinds of health problems.


Does it actually work?


Limited evidence shows that terrestris increases production of luteinizing hormone which is produced naturally in the body to directly affect testosterone levels and sex drive. Scientific research shows that it may help people with certain sexual problems and infertility. Again, research has not fully proved its effects.


There’s a lack of evidence showing it beneficial for other health conditions.


Risks and side effects


Risks: There are lab tests on animals linking Tribulus to problems in fetal development. People with pregnancy or breast-feeding should NOT take Tribulus terrestris.


Side effects: Taking Tribulus as a supplement for a short time is probably safe, but long-term taking may cause trouble sleeping and irregular periods.

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