Chondroitin Benefits for Osteoarthritis

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What is chondroitin?


Chondroitin is a component of human connective tissues found in cartilage and bones. In supplement, chondroitin usually comes from animal cartilage.


What effects does chondroitin have?


As a vital part of cartilage, chondroitin is generally considered to prevent cartilage breaking down and to stimulate its repair mechanisms. Although not every study has shown that chondroitin is capable of releasing joint pain for everyone, many studies do show support for its effectiveness and safety.


In supplement, chondroitin is a key treatment for osteoarthritis and is often used along with glucosamine.


(To know more about glucosamine: )


How does chondroitin work?


To understand the mechanism of chondroitin working, you should first take a look at ECM (human extracellular matrix).


ECM is a component found in all tissues and organs that provide physical “scaffolding” for tissues. It is composed of water, proteins and polysaccharides (a kind of sugar). Chondroitin helps link sugar and protein molecules together to keep the cartilage working smoothly. If the cartilage is old or breaking down, people will feel joint pain or suffer from osteoarthritis.


What are the doses?


Most trials have used a daily dose between 800 mg to 1,200 mg taken in divided amounts.


What are the side effects?


Side effects of chondroitin are usually mild and infrequent. They can include:

Stomach upsets


Increased intestinal gas




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