Lecithin for Better Digestion

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What is lecithin?


Lecithin is a lipid (fat) that can be found in your body and is essential to the cells.


What can lecithin do?


Lecithin is used for lowering high cholesterol, treating manic-depressive disorder and helping with dry skin. But there aren’t enough clinical trials or scientific evidence to prove lecithin’s effects for these conditions.


A certain study shows that lecithin that comes from soy can improve cardiovascular health, especially for those who are already at risk of developing high blood pressure or heart disease.


Some breastfeeding experts recommend lecithin as an aid for breastfeeding mothers.


What is lecithin used for?


Lecithin is used for binding things that do not naturally bind together. You can find lecithin in the food, drugs and cosmetic industries.


Where can I find lecithin?


Lecithin supplements are usually derived from sunflower seeds, eggs, or soybeans. Most lecithin supplements in the market are from soy. Animal fats, fish, and corn are also sometimes used.


How much lecithin should I have every day?


There is no Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for lecithin. Most doctors suggest two tablespoons of lecithin granules be sprinkled on food each day. Taking lecithin before each meal can help the body digest fats and fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin E. Consult your doctor about the dosage before taking.

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