Home Remedies for Hip Pain

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Hip pain is a common condition that anyone can develop due to various reasons. Although hip pain can influence people regardless of their ages or overall health conditions, there’s no doubt that the elderly and those who regularly participate in physical activities have more chances to have hip pain. Here are some home remedies that can help you regardless of the cause. But remember to consult your doctor before trying.




1)    RICE


RICE is commonly admitted for releasing hip pain. Here are the instructions as the name suggests.


Rest: Patients with hip pain are required to get enough rest and to avoid activities that may cause pain. This is to avoid unnecessary injuries.


Ice: Applying ice on where you’re feeling pain can help release the pain. Wrap a handful of ice in a thin towel, or simply use a bag of frozen vegetables, and apply it on where pain occurs. Apply ice pack 4 or 5 times one day for 15 to 20 minutes each time. It will reduce pain and inflammation.


Compression: This step can be combined with “Ice”. Wrapping some ice and compressing it on where you feel painful for 15 minutes can make you feel better.




Elevation: It’s not easy to elevate your hip like your knees, but you can still have a try. Elevating a painful joint can reduce the pain and inflammation.


2)    Stretching


Exercising and stretching can also help ease hip pain, but this is only possible when you are not experiencing severe pain.



After taking a walk on a slow pace for 5 minutes, cool down and stand with your right side facing a wall. Put your right hand against the wall (with the right elbow bending a little), lift your left leg and cross it over the right leg. Keep the gesture (with your right leg straight and left leg bending a little) and move your hip towards the wall. You’ll feel stretch on your right hip. Hold on for a few seconds before turning to the other side.

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Really helpful. THX. I'll recommend this to my parents in case that they feel any hip pain.
Oops, I didn't know there are so many ways to relieve a hip pain before! I went to the gym last night and woke up this morning suffering from unprecedented hip pain. I think these tips may help me a lot!
For a hip pain caused by over exercise, stretching and rest can help you most. You can also consult your coach for some advice.
All the remedies are easy to implement. I once saw my grandma doing stretching at home with the same gesture. That was interesting!!
The stretching mentioned here is a moderate one just for the seniors. If you are gonna do some stretching, you may want something like yoga.
Ice is useful! I will prepare some ice at home in case of need.
Ice is so useful! I will prepare more at home.
Great. But do not compress it for too long if you already feel too cold.
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