Benefits of Hand Massage

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Hand massage can benefit us from multiple angles. It is generally agreed that hand massage can help relieve pain in the hands, stimulate blood circulation and improve range of motion. But these are not all of them.


Pain relief


People aged between 40 and 60 are most likely to suffer from pain in the hands. This may be caused by long-time work, inappropriate movements and other reasons. There is no better way to relive pain other than a hand massage.


Blood circulation


If you feel tingling or numbness sometimes, you are short of oxygen. These cases are not rare for people who work in offices and type a lot. A massage can increase the blood flow in the hands so that more oxygen is provided.


Range of motion


Hand muscles can tighten up if people repeat one movement at work, which may cause immobility of the hands. With the immobility, you have difficulties moving your hands properly. A massage can help you to loosen the muscles and get your hands back to working normally.


Arthritis alleviation


Research conducted that hand massage is effective for releasing pain caused by arthritis and the pain can be reduced up to 57%. The hand massage for people with arthritis requires a therapist due to the specific conditions.


Anxiety reduction


Some research also shows that hand massage has psychological benefits like decreasing anxiety and depression.

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