Hand Spa at Home for Your Families

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For many of us, getting a hand spa and massage can seem like a luxury reserved for special occasions. Here are some tips for you to give your families a beneficial hand spa.




Put the hands in warm water for about 10 minutes to prepare for the next step. Warm water can make the hands soft and easy to be exfoliated.





1)     Sit across from the person. Tell him/her to rest the hands while you’re preparing.


2)     Apply massage oil or lotion to your hands to better glide over the other’s hands. Apply 1/4 to 2/1 teaspoon massage oil to each hand, or a coin-sized dollop of lotion. You can always add oil or lotion when needed.


3)     Start the massage from one hand. Gently smooth the massage oil or lotion over the other’s hand. Slide from the wrist to fingers, and then back to the wrist.


4)    Massage the fingers. Hold the hand with palm down. Pinch the tip of one finger firmly for a moment. Then massage up the finger towards the knuckle with your thumb. Squeeze the finger all over after that, and repeat the process to other fingers. It’s preferable to start from the pinky finger to the thumb.


5)     Massage the back of the hand. Hold the hand with palm down, and press your thumbs on the back of the hand. Slide your thumbs along the hand with medium pressure. Repeat the process to the fingers and the wrist.


6)     Massage the palm of the hand using the same technique as in 5).


7)     Massage the other hand.


Honey hand wrap


Warm 1/2 cup honey in microwave (don’t make it too hot) and apply it to the hands. Wrap the hands with plastic wrap, and relax for 30 minutes before rinsing them.

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