Whey Protein: Athletic Performance Improvement

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What is whey protein?


Whey protein is a natural protein made from cow’s milk. It is also the byproduct in cheese making.


What are the benefits of whey protein?


It’s highly valued by nutritionists because it is a high quality protein and the source of the essential amino acids needed by human bodies. It can be well absorbed by human and is beneficial for increasing protein intake.


Who likes to take whey protein?


Whey protein is especially preferred by athletes who combine it with strength training to improve strength and muscle size. Some people also take whey protein to lose weight, but there is not enough evidence showing the effectiveness of whey protein in weight loss.


What can whey protein do?


Whey protein can help improve athletic performance, lower the risk of developing red and itchy skin for infants, and may help decrease weight loss in people with HIV/AIDS.


What are whey protein’s side effects?


Mild to moderate dosage of whey protein is likely safe to most people except those who have allergic reactions to milk. High doses of whey protein may cause nausea, increased bowel movements, thirst, bloating, cramps, reduced appetite, fatigue, and headache.

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