Simple Tips of Thai Massage for Your Families at Home

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During a Thai massage, you will be stretched, pulled, and rocked at the hands of the therapist, which is entirely different from massages that Westerners usually have. The massage is certainly not gentle. However, it helps in reducing muscular pain and increasing mobility of body joints because of the yoga techniques included in Thai massage.



Some simple and relatively gentle techniques are introduced here.


Hand-shoulder compression


This technique can help relax shoulders.


Sit on your knees with your face towards the shoulders of the other person who’s enjoying your massage.


Place your palms on the shoulders of the other person. Move your palms across the shoulder while kneading simultaneously.


This process should last for 10 minutes at least.


Heart-opener pull


This technique can help relax arms, shoulders, and spinal cord.


Sit behind the other person and place the outer side of your feet on either side of the spine. Make sure that your knees bend a little.


Hold the wrists of the other person gently and support his/her body with feet.


Lean back slowly.




Thai massage is not proper for those who have just gone through a surgery, pregnant women or people who are physically weak.


Pay attention to the other person’s reaction during the massage. If he/she feels pain, slow down or stop the massage.

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