Can shingles rash appear on your arms and legs?

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Hardly. The shingles rash often develops in a pattern along the nerves of the chest and belly.
Can ubget shingles on your buttocks?
Yes, that is possible. I posted a picture of shingles on the buttocks below. Please check it.
Yes,and you can get them more than once in the same spot!!! I've had them twice they are painful on your but or anywhere!!!!
What is good to take for shingles
You can use antivirus therapy for treatment and painkillers to relieve the pain. When you fully recover from shingles, you can take more vitamins and improve your immune system to prevent reoccurrence.
Yes. And it is not uncommon.
Last week I found the shingles rash spread to my left upper arm. It was at first a stripe of painful and itching blisters wrapping around my left side of belly. Soon after a few days, it spread to the breast as well as my upper arm, appearing to be not only reddened but also burning and tingling, hard to touch. So, I hashed to the doctor's and he was astonished to tell me that it was the first time that he had seen people having shingles rash on their limbs but I needn't worry as it was possible for the rash to occur on any area of the body. Thereafter, I took the medicine he gave me and the rash soon disappeared.
Commonly shingles rash appears as a stripe of blisters on the body, sometimes the rash develops around the eye or on the face. Some shingles rash does appear on limbs, usually only on one side.

Are you sure what you have is shingles?
That’s what the doctor I seen yesterday appeared suddenly looked like 4 bites on my arm.then it oozed puss and was itchy and burned.most of my upper arm is red.i don’t have it any where else on my body.
That's true
I get my shingles in my eyes...when I first got them they were around the nose like a cold sore but it con ntinued up to the eye area...the best thing to do with shingles is try not to scratch them ...that is what causes the rash to other parts of.your chicken pox

Shingles on the buttocks

I have the same rash itching and burning. Very painful and uncomfortable.
Hi, the treatment for this is using topical antiviral creams, such as acyclovir cream. To relieve the pain, painkillers are frequently used. Commonly used painkillers include ibuprofen, oxycodone, etc
Yes it can appear on your arms