Chinese Medical Wine: A Balance of Yin and Yang

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Have you ever tried putting a black-bone chicken, Epimedium, ginseng, or a snake into the wine, leaving it for days or months, even years, and drink it as a medicine?


That’s what Chinese people do all the time. With the Chinese medical wine, they believe the overall health of human can be promoted.


TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) believes that human contains Yin and Yang inside. The concept of Yin and Yang in Chinese philosophy can describe complementary opposite, such as the sun and moon, day and night.



Yang stands for masculine, light and active, while Yin stands for feminine, dark and inactive. So based on this concept, females tend to have more Yin energy and males tend to have more Yang energy, and everything has its unique balance of Yin and Yang.


This is where medical wine comes in. the medical wine, according to TCM, can help provide the balance between Yin and Yang, and alcohol itself has effect on improving blood circulation and relaxing muscles and joints.


Another reason TCM considers medical wine as a magical medicine is that alcohol is an effective solvent, and may extract a higher proportion of ingredients from medical ingredient (although sometimes that might be a snake or a scorpion).


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Our Archetypical nature woven into all species of Plant & Animal Life.

Theologians, Scientist and Shamman Alike form a Supernatural body . Based on testimony    and evidence . Modern Medicine meets eastern Medicine. Eastern medicine focuses on the cure while modern medicine cures symptoms while causing side effects. Afterall, The healing lies in our will to live and what are we willing to do to survive? That is the Question.
are u chinese? seems you are talking something as mysterious as yin yang, which most common people dont understand.