Tiger Bone Wine: considered to be great medicine in TCM and now gone

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Why do you think Tiger Bone Wine is called the name?


A.    The container of the wine is like a tiger.


B.     There is a picture of a tiger printed on the bottle.   


  C.    There are tiger bones in the wine.


The answer is C.


Tiger Bone Wine first appeared in Prepare for the Emergency by Sun Simiao in 652BC. The ancient Chinese thought it could strengthen the muscles, improve kidney functions and deal with cold. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) has long considered tiger bone as a precious medical material, and therefore apply tiger bones into the Chinese wine made from rice.


Sun Simiao


According to Li Shizhen, a Chinese physician-scientist over four hundred years ago, Tiger Bone Wine can be used to treat rheumatism, arthritis, general weakness, headache, stiffness or paralysis in lower back and legs and dysentery, and to stimulate blood circulation.



Li Shizhen and part of his work


Tiger Bone Wine has been legally forbidden in China since the 1990s, which is why you can only see it in an auction house or find pictures of it on the internet.

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It sounds so cruel...
Actually, the tiger bone wine is famous for its effectiveness in treating arthritis. I don't think there're real such wine in market nowadays, tigers are rare.
You're right. It's been legally forbidden so the tiger bone wine you see today are mostly made decades ago.

No real tiger bone wine in China, China has less than 30 wide tigers, like 6-7 k tigers in the zoo. Anyone has tiger bone wine from China, it must be fake.

The only place I know you can find real tiger bone wine is North Korea, yes, Kim Jong-un's North Korea. I don't know why Kim has real tiger bone wine either, I've never been to North Korea.

A picture tells the truth.

Look at this Korean girl selling the wine, in my eyes she's more charming than Japanese or Chinese girl.

I think live tigers are charming!
I tried the tiger bone wine once sometime last year when I had a trip to Shanghai. My peer took me to a North Korean restaurant for lunch. He said there're a couple of North Korean restaurants in Shanghai, each is managed by North Korean government.

The wine is in a dark amber color, smells strong, tastes bitter. Not a fan.

There're quite a few beautiful girls from North Korea working as waitress. During the lunch, they had performances for the guests. My peer said these girls all graduated from top art colleges from North Korea, they sing, play guitar, play some other instruments that I can't name, in colorful and shining traditional korean costumes. Very impressive.
Maybe more like a fan to the girls than a fan to the wine? XD
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Makes u think u are a tiger it’s a feel good. Medicine—— wine. If it works use it.  What kind of wine is it