Olive Leaf to Treat Cardiovascular and Boost Immune System

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This is the second chapter of 10 herbs from Graeco-Arabic Medicine series.


What is olive leaf extract?

First used medicinally in Ancient Egypt, olive leaf extract comes from the leaves of the olive tree and contains many potentially bioactive compounds.


What is olive leaf used for?


In the early 1800s, crushed olive leaves were used to lower fevers. A few decades later, they were used in tea to treat malaria. Nowadays, people also use olive leaf extract for viral, bacterial and other infections including influenza, the common cold, etc.

Does olive leaf work?


Olive leaf’s medicinal power has been proved by more and more studies. Research shows that olive leaf benefits include cardiovascular and immune system support, increasing energy and promoting healthy blood pressure.


How do you take olive leaf?


Olive leaf can be applied orally and physically. You can buy lotion with olive leaf or olive leaf tea bags.


What are the side effects?


Olive leaf is likely safe when taken appropriately my mouth or applied to the skin. Consult your doctor before using especially if you have pregnancy, breastfeeding, diabetes, or surgery.

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