Snake Wine – Southeast Asia’s Fearful Medicine

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More than half of American claim that snakes are their biggest fear.


How about putting your alive fear into a bottle of wine, sealing it for several months till the reptile dies, and then drinking the liquor from the combination of rice wine, dried herbs, and a dead cobra which seems to be rearing up and poised for attack?


This is what you can see in Japan and China.


TCM believes that snakes have important restorative and invigorative properties, which is why you have a chance to find Chinese dishes throughout Asia. Typically, Cantonese snake soup contains snake meat, chicken, mushrooms and other materials.



If you go to Taipei or Japan, there are also places called “Snake Valley” where sellers kill a snake in front you, draining blood from its belly into a cup of wine. Made to order.


And, there’s a report of a woman being bitten by a snake which had been in the bottle filled with liquid for 3 months. The snake jumped out and bit the woman on the hand after she opened the bottle. The reason is unknown yet, but possibly it’s due to snakes’ ability to hibernate.


Any interest to get a bottle home?


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That's horrible I can't sleep tonight.
I'm terrified of snakes but somehow I'd like to have a try.

It's like you hate horror movies but you always wanna see 'em. So strange humans.
I understand that feeling. Although I don't dare to see a horror movie.
Hey man I just found sth.

Those are actual vipers with the venemous fangs out. Won't the drink be poisonous??? How can those Chinese and Japanese people drink them anyway???
Normally people will remove the venom gland before putting a snake into the wine. And the high degree wine can destroy the molecule structure of the venom, so it's usually safe. However, accidents do happen. So think over before trying.
The Chinese are insane.
Never want a bottle of snake wine anywhere!!!
they are crazy CRAZY
Always wanted a spitting cobra to spray my alcohol at me with both our mouths wide open.

Just having the bottle on my shelf to gaze at but never opened would be amazing.
you are so brave man
Cruel and unusual to kill a snake just for wine.  And, to let it drown in wine!!!