Does anyone have any info on a 4 disc cervical fusion in addition to a c2-c3 fusion meaning a whole neck fusion?

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I've had a c2-c3 fusion in 2002 due to MVA and after the surgery I had neck pain from the surgery/fusion and the right side of my neck had a bump (muscle knot?) that has caused constant and debilitating pain since then.i went to my pcp after and told her about it. She never gave me an answer as to why this bump is there. Has this happened to anyone else?

I finally got an appt to see an Orthopedic specialist just recently and found out I need a 4 disc fusion with shaving off the back of my vertebrae then fusing each of them due to slippage of c4 and c6 vertebrae below the original fusion. The Dr. said that I will have hardly any movement after this but I am searching for another option/opinion/alternative to a lifetime of having a stationary neck.

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II had fusions from c2-c7 at one time 4 months ago. I’m in so much more pain than before the surgery. I’m getting ready to to meet with another surgeon because I had a cat scan last week that shows multiple problems . But I can’t handle the pain that I’m going through with whatever is wrong. And my pain management dr said he sees no way around another surgery
I think you may have failed back surgery syndrome (also called FBSS, or failed back syndrome). It is a misnomer, as it is not actually a syndrome—it is a very generalized term that is often used to describe the condition of patients who have not had a successful result with back surgery or spine surgery and have experienced continued pain after surgery. There is no equivalent term for failed back surgery syndrome in any other type of surgery (e.g. there is no failed cardiac surgery syndrome, failed knee surgery syndrome, etc.).

There are many reasons that a back surgery may or may not work, and even with the best surgeon and for the best indications, spine surgery is no more than 95% predictive of a successful result.

The management of this pain needs specialty. I would only recommend you see another pain specialist.
I had my first fusion in May of 13 and now have degeneration of the discs above and below my fusion. I've also been told by two neurosurgeons that I will need an additional fusion. I have tried everything to avoid another surgery, such as epidurals, trigger point injections, PT, tens unit, postural pump. I am now using vicodin, lyrica for the nerve damage this recent impingement has caused, sleeping pills yadda yadda. However, I heard of some people that feel good one or two years after the surgery.
Last March I got into a car accident and broke my neck.The doctor told me that I had broken my c4, c5, c6 cervical disc. So, in the painful month thereafter of a neckbrace and my wife having to do everything for me, I decided to have a surgery.

The surgery went well and I had 2 rods and 6 screws after the cervical spine fusion. So, I went back home and took a slow period of 7 months to recover and then started back to normal life. But with time going by the condition worsened and now after a year and 4 months, I've been having a lot of pain everyday.

At present, I have to lay down every 4 or 5 hours because it's hard for me to hold my head up.
There are some alternatives to neck fusion, but I do not sure whether they are suitable for your case. ALternatives include artifical disc replacement or intradiscal electrothermal coagulation. I do not know whether they can also be applied to vertebrae slippage. You should see an orthopedic eexpert.
hello my name is jordan i have had 4 cervical fusion 2003,2006,2008.2019 c1-7 fused i got hurt working, Army, fiber cable company.i am able to move my neck i still haven't stop wrking in the yard.  I don't know what is wrong with me i can't sit still.  this last operation i couldn't walk for 2 month had to have therapy and advance therapy walking and moving my head.  I still think my neck fusion have can back a loose because i am hard headed i won't belive i am disable.  I had a great surgeon and The Love Jesus Christ got me through the surgery and now i just try to forget i have all these screws and rods in my neck.  When i saw the x-ray i cried.  I look just like the 6 million dollar man and the bionic woman, Steve osten, Jamie from the 80 as you parents they remember the show.  I wish i had of taking better care of my self My doctor said if i get hurt now i can't have any more surgeries so i better sit down somewhere and rest i am 55 but i have mobility very good mobility if i haven't broken it again the spine
Hi, I had a cervical fusion in two levels in my neck about almost three years ago when I was 25. The doctor put two cages in my neck to fuse together the bones. I was only in the hospital for one night. I did wear a collar before surgery and after surgery, for just a short time. I am sorry to hear that your fusion did not work. The doctors check mine off and on by x-rays, to make sure the fusions are ok. The only problem is now I am having pain in my neck again. My doctor has told me that I have arthritis in my neck. So now I will have to suffer with this problem the rest of my life, taking pain medicine, etc. But I am thankful, at least I can move my neck, which I could not do before. I wish you the best of luck with your fusions. Hang in there!
I had 2 surgeries by 2 SPECIALISTS!

First surgery 20 yrs ago.

Second surgery 5 yrs later.

My c’s are fused along with a metal plate.

Nothing has changed if anything the range of motion on left side is NONE, I have to move my entire body to look left.

The “knots” muscle spasms in my neck and upper shoulder blades are so bad NOTHING and I have done it all can make them lay down.

Trigger point injections are the best relief however they are short term.

Since this journey has been my entire adult life my sciatica on right side paralyzes me.

I can crawl but not stand walk or sit during a paralyzing episode.

So here we ALL are stuffing our asses off because of negligent, DOCTORS, INSURANCE CO, and PHARMACEUTICAL MANUFACTURERS.

The pill seekers aren’t going to PAIN MANAGEMENT DR’s that we are subjected to see.

Their supposed to be SPECIALISTS!

What a SCAM that is.

It’s padding another Dr’s pockets.

 It’s a higher copay for the SPECIALISTS and they treat you like your an inconvenience.

I’m on FIRE over all the “

incompetent money hungry PROFESSIONALS!

WE are not responsible for Dr’s writing scripts for kick backs they were literally playing with OUR HEALTH!

So we suffer in  excruciating  PAIN!

Good luck to all and God bless.

Ive had fusion from c3_c5 2 surgerys know thay want to do a 3rd surgery from the back of my neck redo what thay say failed and do c3_ t1 im in pain everyday but the complications& symtoms people accurr after this is scary
I have the same issue. But I am fused from c2-t4. My Ortho said my next would be to C1 which actually means anchoring to my skull and I would have no range off motion
Yes, the C1 is right next to the base of the skull. If it is anchored, then you would not be able to move your neck side to side. For example, if you want to see someone behind you, you have to move your entire body to the behind! You just can not move your neck. In order to better illustrate the anatomy of the skull and neck, I attached a photo at this thread. Hopefully you will find it useful.

The anatomy of the skull and the neck spines

I can't look at this, so scary.
An answer from Ms. Rohrbaugh in HTQ Facebook Page:

I had a fusion 6 years ago C-2-3, it turned out well, I have the brace, rods you know the hardware, but recently I have been experiencing left neck, shoulder and shoulder blade pain I have C4-5-6 disc tear and bulge and stenosis, seen my surgeon and we are going to try the procedure- burning the nerve that is causing all the pain, I also have arthritis, I can’t tolerate the injections any longer the steroids make me so sick and I go from Mrs Jeckle to Hyde for a month, so No more, I do not know anyone that has had the procedure, but I have heard that it is effective if the right nerves are burned, it’s a minimal-invasive procedure
The physician uses heat from radio waves to treat painful facet joints in the lower neck or the affected areas this procedure is also called radio frequency rhizotomy it can treat pain that doesn’t respond to medications or physical therapy, it is a 2 part procedure, ask your surgeon to see if he thinks this procedure may work if the fusion doesn’t relieve the pain.

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I had RFA on my back.  L4-5.  It did not work at all. Not even for a few days. I was vert disappointed. I had high hopes. Now I am going to get a epidural in the near future. Waiting on insurance okay. I wish you luck and hope it works.  I know it works for some people. I have a cervical fusion in my neck, done in 2007. I am having problems, like the hardware has shifted or screws loose. This happened in 2007, I had to get this done again. It’s never ending.
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En 2015 me hicieron un fusion en mis 4 cervicales. C-3,C4,C5,C6. La cirugía duró 8:30 hrs. Mi recuperación fue de 9 meses. Al principio quedé con secuelas en la mitad de mi cuerpo, el lado izquierdo hasta pensé que yo tenía Parkinson, pero con terapia lo superé.