Understanding the Principle of Graeco-Arabic Medicine

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Someone asked me what Graeco-Arabic Medicine is in a previous post about bay leaf, if I didn't get it wrong. Anyway, that gives me a chance to write about the traditional philosophy, thank you for reminding me my friend.



The Graeco-Arabic traditions sprang from the wisdom of classical Greece since the 5th century and are still a cultural part in the Middle East and Indian subcontinent.


The four elements


The ancient Greece believed that the material universe was composed of four basic elements: Fire, Air, Water and Earth. There was another invisible element and most powerful element called Aether. Aether was the foundation of the four elements, and created them in the order of Fire, Air, Water and Earth, which was why Fire was the most energetic element of all.



Humans were also considered to be composed of the four elements, which got together and created a vital force called pneuma. Health of humans depended on pneuma to the ancient Greece.



The four qualities


The four qualities were Warmth, Dryness, Coldness and Moisture. Each of the four elements expresses two qualities, thus linking the elements. Fire is Dry and Warm, Air is Warm and Moist, Water is Moist and Cold and Earth is Cold and Dry.


The elements and qualities are also linked to seasons, daily time periods, climatic influences, medicines, etc. For example, Spring is considered to belong to the Air because it is Warm and Dry.


I kept this picture big so that you can read the texts clearly.


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I am very interested in what you have to say as well.   I happened upon this website by chance while exploring my new Samsung Tab A Tablet. I'm not sure if I can "follow" you however, the box checked so that I receive notifications for additional comments to this post. I not only suffer from psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis, I struggle with very high blood pressure as well.   Although I am under a doctor's care, I am interested to hear your thoughts regarding these issues as well.  Sincerely, Therese
Never heard of it before. These signs and elements you put here are a little bit crotchety…I don't know. But everything related to Arabia is somehow weird and incomprehensible I think.
You won't know how the ancestors thought. They could always come up with some weird things somehow.
I love the element and quality things!
I should balance my four qualities of Warmth, Dryness, Coldness and Moisture to keep my pneuma.
Hahaha you're a quick learner!

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