Senna: A Laxative and an Aid to Treat Constipation

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This is the eighth chapter of 10 herbs from Graeco-Arabic Medicine series.


What is senna?


Senna is a natural medicine containing sennosides extracted from the senna herb’s leaves and fruit.




What is senna used for?


Senna has long been used in alternative medicine as a laxative and an aid to treat constipation. Because of that, some people also use it to lose weight.



Does senna work?


Not all effectiveness of senna has been proved. It is likely effective for constipation for both adults and children aged 2 years and older. The effectiveness of seena to adults might be more obvious than that to children before 15 years old.


Whether senna can help you lose weight or not is still uncertain. (I underlined this sentence coz it seems like what most people concern 'bout)


How do you take senna?


People usually take senna orally.


What are the side effects?


Senna is likely safe for most adults and children over 2 years old when taken by mouth for a short term. It may not be safe if it’s taken for a long time or in high doses.


If you have pregnancy, breast-feeding, gastrointestinal conditions or heart disease, consult the doctor before using.


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These messages are for mutual support and information sharing only. Always consult your doctor before trying anything you read here.
Senna is a laxative. I used to take Senna tea every day, very effective in making bowel movements. But my Dr. stopped me, coz no one should use laxative for long.
Your doctor's right. Using laxative for too long may reduce your own bowel movements. You may depend on that forever.
can i put senna in my tea or are there any recommended products i can buy?
You can just search for senna tea. It's a kind of tea product.
Senna ☕
I think I should have a try of it to lose weight. It sounds so great! But the side effects of long-term use have already shrinked me haha!
The side effects, if any, are generally moderate. If you are easy to get allergic to something, consult your doctor before using.
How do i obtain senna?
You can buy senna tea bags online or from a pharmacy. That's the most convenient way.
Cali Girl tea is made with senna. It’s the best for only .99 cents at the 99 cent store.