Foot Massage Helps with Multiple Health Conditions

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What would you think of when hear “foot massage?” Reflexology? Professional therapy? Porn videos? (It WILL show up in the results if you actually search the key word!) In fact, since there are certain areas of the foot that response to different organs, a foot massage can help with almost everything from stomach issues to insomnia.



Get interested? Here are steps to DIY a foot massage for the one you love at home.


Wash and exfoliation


Soaking the feet in warm to hot water for about 15 minutes (don’t make the water too hot – you may hurt the skin, and the stress of the heart is raised). Exfoliating the feet with a luffa sponge and a little body cleanser. This will make the feet soft and ready for the massage.



Foot massage


Massage the foot on where you want as the picture below. The point is to add stress to the part with your finger joints or thumbs if it’s on the sole of the foot; if it’s on the toe, squeeze or slide up and down the toe with your fingers.




For a general massage, spend equal time on every part.


At last, tub the top of the foot with your thumbs before gently squeezing the ankle.




Wash for relaxation


Soak the feet in warm water again for 5 to 15 minutes. Add some essential oil, or lemon slices, or whatever you like that can make you relaxed.


Apply some body lotion on the feet after tapping them dry.


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