Protect Yourself from Alzheimer's

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Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia. The cause of Alzheimer’s is still not clear enough and may involve many factors from genes to lifestyles. Here are some tips for you to protect yourself from Alzheimer’s according to the studies of Harvard Medical School, one of the top medical research centers.





30 minutes of moderate exercise for 3 to 4 days per week is the most recommended way to prevent Alzheimer’s. This can benefit brain cells, which the disease would kill and take the life eventually, by increasing blood and oxygen circulation in the brain.





A proper diet can help fight against Alzheimer’s or slow its progression. The diet includes:


-      Fresh vegetables and fruits;

-      Whole grains;

-      Olive oil;

-      Nuts;

-      Legumes;

-      Fish;

-      Moderate amounts of poultry;

-      Eggs;

-      Dairy;

-      Moderate amounts of red wine;

-      Red meat only sparingly.



Enough sleep


Sleep can help prevent Alzheimer’s because of the link between it and amyloid, which is likely to be the cause of Alzheimer’s.


Life-long learning


Although there’s limited evidence, some researchers believe that learning, as a cognitive activity, can help prevent Alzheimer’s.



Social connect


Emotional connect with others may also help. However, there’s only information from observational studies.


A little drink


Some studies also show that moderate alcohol intake can help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. Recommended intake are one drink per day for women, and one or two for men.


Follow the steps to live a fruitful life.

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