3 Steps to Keep Heatstroke Away I: Precautions

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Heatstroke is a severe condition when body cannot cool itself via perspiration and become overheated. It may lead to organ failure, cognitive impairment and death.



To prevent heatstroke, follow these 3 steps:


Step 1: Stay cool indoors and avoid going out


① If the temperature outside is too high (over 90 Degrees Fahrenheit, or 32.2 Degrees Celsius), try to avoid going out, stay in your home, a vehicle, or a building with air condition on. Normally you can find these places on public transportation, malls, libraries, community centers, and other public buildings.


Stay where there's air conditioning.


② Drink extra water to keep yourself hydrated.



③ If you know a relative or friend who does not have air conditioning, phone them to check their conditions.


Step 2: Take precautions outdoors


① If you have to go out in a high-temperature weather, try to avoid out between 10 am and 3 pm, which are generally the hottest hours of the day.



② Cool down your vehicle if you are driving. Open all the doors at least five minutes before starting the car for ventilation. Don’t drive without the air condition on if the temperature is too high. Try to park in a shaded area too.


③ Wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothing made of cotton or linen.



④ Stay hydrated. Drink water before going out help prevent dehydration.


⑤ Never leave a child in the car. The temperature in the car can reach a deadly one of 110°F or 43.3°C even when the temperature outside is only warm.



Step 3: Act on the early symptoms (Click on the link to read)

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