Reducing Menstrual Pain and Preventing Cancer: Chamomile Tea

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Chamomile tea, a kind of herbal teas that has long been used for people’s overall health, is revealed in some studies to reduce menstrual pain, prevent cancer, treat diabetes, and prevent osteoporosis.



Chamomile’s medicinal effects mainly come from the chemical contained in it called flavonoid. Potential benefits of chamomile tea include:


Reducing menstrual pain


A study in 2010 showed that drinking chamomile tea for a month could reduce menstrual pain as well as the anxiety and distress associated with it.



Preventing cancer


Chamomile tea may target cancer cells or even prevent those cells from developing in the first place. However, this has not be conclusively proven yet.


Treating diabetes


Some studies found that chamomile tea can lower blood sugar in people with diabetes.


Preventing osteoporosis


People with osteoporosis have a higher risk of broken bones and stooped posture. A study found that chamomile tea could help promote bone density and might have anti-estrogenic effects.



How to drink chamomile tea


Recommended dose for adults is one cup per day.



You can buy chamomile tea bags from supermarkets or online, or you may even plant a chamomile tree in your back yard. Just collect the flowers during the flowering season, dry the flowers and use them for tea.

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