Pentagon Ordered to Investigate: Ticks as Bioweapons?

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Several medias and newspapers have reported on U.S. House ordering Pentagon to investigate whether ticks were experimented on as bioweapons during 1950 to 1975. Massive discussion follows, and the disease said to be “resolved by a short course of antibiotics” is questioned again.


What is Lyme disease? Why should the House order Pentagon to investigate on it? What don’t most people know? Find them out here.


About Lyme Disease


What is Lyme disease?


According to CDC (Center of Disease Control and Prevention), Lyme disease is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi and is transmitted through the bite of infected ticks. It was first revealed in the 1970s, when a mysterious ailment afflicted a group of people in Lyme, Connecticut, which was eventually solved by scientists.




Typical symptoms of Lyme disease include fever, headache, fatigue, and a characteristic skin rash called erythema migrans.


Erythema migrans


How to treat Lyme disease?


The infection may spread to joints, the heart and the nervous system if not treated, and it can be treated “successfully with a few weeks of antibiotics,” according to CDC.


How to prevent Lyme disease?


Since most Lyme disease is transmitted with ticks (there’s no evidence showing it can transmit from person to person), the best way to prevent the disease is to prevent being bitten by ticks. This includes applying pesticides, reducing tick habitat, and removing ticks promptly.


How widely is Lyme disease spread?


Approximately 30,000 cases of Lyme disease are reported to CDC each year. The data is, however, 400,000 according to a Stanford University science writer, Kris Newby. Cases of Lyme disease are mainly reported in the Northeast of US.


Reported cases of Lyme disease in US, 2017 (from CDC)



Behind Lyme disease


Truth and lies


Kris Newby, a science journalist, a former Lyme sufferer, the author of the book about her years-long effort to get to the bottom of Lyme disease, has a different view from the “official” origin of Lyme.


“The chasm between what researchers say about Lyme disease and what the chronically ill patients say they are experiencing has remained an open wound for decades.” Newby says.


Newby and her husband got bitten by unseen ticks, which caused their horrible sickness later. Tens of medical experts had tried and failed in pinpointing the problem, one of them rejecting her positive Lyme test result as a “false” positive. The disease was not “resolved in a few weeks” but lasted for years filled with treatments and long recovery.


Newby was not alone. According to her investigation, few patients with Lyme or other tick-borne illnesses could receive proper diagnosis and treatment. And the disease can certainly not be treated by “a short course of antibiotics” as the government says.


In her book Bitten: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons, Newby mentions the interview with Burgdorfer, a retired researcher (dead in 2014) who entered the US government’s Rocky Mountain Laboratory in Montana in 1951. The Lyme spirochete, Borrelia burgdorferi, is named after him. The US government wanted to use military tools that could disable a huge population during the Cold War era, and Burgdorfer was involved in the bioweapon experiments on ticks.




Burgdorfer also mentioned that there were programs to drop “weaponized” ticks and other bugs from the air, during which uninfected bugs were released in residential areas in the US to trace how they spread.


The question is: were some weaponized ticks released to the residential areas accidentally (or deliberately)?


2.2 What Pentagon is ordered to investigate now


Chris Smith, a Republican congressman for New Jersey, tabled a vote which compels the Pentagon inspector general to investigate. The vote passed last week, and investigation on who ordered the program, whether there was an accidental release of diseased ticks, and whether the program has contributed to the increase of Lyme disease will be carried out.

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This reminds me of the 1st episode of the season 2 Black Mirror in which millions of tech-controlled bees swarm to those "keyboard men". No matter they are controlled by Bio-technology or IT, they are all terrifying.
Look at what they did, Lyme disease, Agent Orange, there may be something else.
Mrs. Newby is respectful, she didn't give up for the truth.
We need truth.
The ticks have become more widespread and multiplying fast.  If humans are responsible for that,  Shame on Them!
You are ever so correct.  Unfortunately, the exquisitely evil CCP (Chinese Communist Party) does not have exclusive control over extremely degenerate psychopaths. Despite the virtually infinite amount of mass propaganda, neither did the WW2 Nazi's (merely the abbreviation of the "National Socialist Party", the then essentially equivalent of our current "Democratic Party".  We have an abundance of utter prostitutes in all levels of government, universities and especially large private industries (Google, Facebook, Twitter, big Pharmaceutical companies, big banks, etc.).  The top levels of the military/industrial complex appears to have more than its fair share of them however.
Many people can't completely recover from Lyme disease, doctors then call it post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome, or chronic Lyme disease, or persistent Lyme disease. These people account for 10% to 20% of total who are treated with antibiotics. These symptoms can include fatigue, joint or muscle aches, and cognitive dysfunction. They may last up to six months or longer.
A post syndrome is exhausting, I can barely see the hope. It's been 4 months, I'm feeling so tired, every night I wake up from time to time, in the dark I feel my bones are in pain here and there. During 2am to 5am I'm always awake. Want this end soon. It's worse than nightmares night over night.
Would you try some herbs? Such as olive leaf, elderberry, the herbs can help you boost your immune. Your body can be stronger to fight the bacteria.
The longer a tick stays on you, the more likely it will transmit disease. If you notice a tick on you, almost remove it as soon as possible.
I was bitten by two ticks, while I was living on John’s Island, South Carolina, just outside of Charleston, South Carolina in early April of 2005. One was actually imbedded in my left thigh. The second bite was on my left wrist area.   I had jumped in the shower and I noticed that it looked like I had a birthmark on my thigh... but I knew that I did not, so I scrubbed and scrubbeid and it wouldn’t come off, I dried myself and further inspected it. I tried scratching at it and I couldn’t get it off. I realized I had to dig it out, I used an exacto knife and cut into my leg making a big square around the tick fairly deep. I then took the ex. knife and was able to insert it deeply enough to get underneath the tick and pop it up off my body. I inspected it and it liver colored with a white spot on it’s back. I flushed it down the toilet. I then squeezed my leg many many times thinking that I had to get out anything he had possibly injected me with, Peroxided it then alcohol and threw on clothes and ran  to the Drs office just blocks away from my house.  I explained everything to him, yet he said that it looked more like a spider bite to him. I replied that I was absolutely sure that it was a tick and even described it’s markings. The doctor totally disregarded me and insisted that it was a spider bite because of the bubbles appearing around the spot. Dr would only prescribe me a Z Pack (antibiotic)....The reason I am going into depth on this is because I got not only Lyme from it,  it was carrying Morgellons disease. I know of what I speak, suffering from open sores, the fibers and so on. Please feel free to call on me if you’d like and I will give you the history of all the doctors and even the Mayo Clinic was just so condescending and degrading to me. Mayo Clinic’s diagnosis was that I had D O P delusions of so many good people have been treated very very poorly concerning Morgellons!!!!!! It should be a crime to disregard people who have come to you for help and you treat them like dirt
I totally understand you! My 15 yrs old daughter had many of the symptoms two years ago. But ALL doctors we went to couldn't find anything wrong with her. It took us a year of mis-diagnosis, yes she continued to get worse and worse, then we finally got her to a doctor who can recognize and treat Lyme disease. It turns out she has. It is MUCH harder to get rid of it when you wait that long! When this situation can be changed??
One hundred percent ...I agree with you. I cant fking stand when some doctors out there totally disregard the information that we give to help them help us. It's such bullshit...those doctors dont deserve a license to practice. A doctor discharged me knowing I was early sepsis with intestinal roundworm parasite blue green skin tone, stomach pain so bad I couldn't walk.  I had to go to another emergency room department.  My WBC was at 14.5.
If this was done, what else has been released on the unsuspecting public?????
How pathetic we are.
The U.S. Army bioweapons research lab was located on an island between long island and Lyme Conn. , during the years 1946- 1975. They had a tick bioweapons program, involving many different tick-borne diseases. For more information on this, read, "Lab 257" . It's quite possible that some of those diseases escaped from that facility, especially since deer can swim the 6 miles of water to and from the mainland, which, coincidentally , is Lyme , Conn.         Note: the Army had sharpshooters posted on towers around the island to kill any deer that swam accross, until the facility was privatized, and that was when ticks probably began escaping, due to this lack of surveillance. Unbelievable, until you read the book. (PS. The lab was headed by an ex Nazi bioweapons expert.) And this is not a crazy conspiracy book.
It's crazy that I'm reading this because when I worked in the fraud dept for Bofa. I met a woman on a phone call that we got into a discussion about govt lies n corruption and she told me that I should definitely keep that mindshare because it's even worst than we are finding out even with this information it's only the breaking the point. She told me that she was also one of the scientists involved in these experiments and exactly how you are describing it is what she said just with even more bad additions to the story. She was a victim of the escaped tests subjects and is still suffering to this day from it. As were many of the Drs and Scientists. Some also tried to escape feeling as though they were also being subjects used in the tests. But here is the kicker. She said they weren't just ticks they were robotically created and were almost indestructible. That's how they could escape and get to land and also how some people have had bites with no live bug still present after the fact. This all makes sense and is something I wish I didn't have to believe but it all points to fact not fiction.
Please forgive me for slightly disagreeing with you regarding the mentioned deer vector.  It was birds, namely pigeons, that transferred the disease from the island to Lyme.
It's just like this government to pull off such a stupid  trick like this I guess they didn't learn anything from world war 1 with the gas attacks  the gas only ended up killing the other side because the wind was controlled by the government as well
Seriously? I'm hating the government.  They're making disease by making kill us off huh? They control everybody,huh. Scientists at pharmaceutical companies are fking us.