What is Wilms Tumor?

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I am a mother of three children. My oldest child has a Wilms tumor and she is four years old. My child has a Wilms tumor. I have been praying for her to get better. My poor girl. Anyone has had it?

3 Answers

Wilms tumor is a cancer of the kidney. It grows slowly and silently, thus it is difficult to notice. The chances of cure are best if it is detected early. Treatment includes:

  • surgery to take out the affected kidney
  • chemotherapy to kill the cancer cells
  • radiotherapy to kill the cancer cells.

It is highly responsive to treatment. About 90% of patients surviving at least five years.

Wilms tumors’ prognosis really depends on the stage of the cancer; the patient's age, the location of the tumor.
My neighbor’s son was diagnosed with a Wilms tumor at age 2. He has gone through treatments over the past 2 years and will still have more.

My cousin is 3yrs. old now and was diagnosed with Wilms tumor, stage 4 at 20 months old. Hers had spread to her lungs and her left kidney. The right kidney was removed and then she received treatment was 6 months of chemo and 8 radiation treatments. She is doing very well now. But she has to have scans to monitor her conditions.

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