What is Wilms Tumor?

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I am a mother of three children. My oldest child has a Wilms tumor and she is four years old. My child has a Wilms tumor. I have been praying for her to get better. My poor girl. Anyone has had it?

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Wilms tumor is a cancer of the kidney. It grows slowly and silently, thus it is difficult to notice. The chances of cure are best if it is detected early. Treatment includes:

  • surgery to take out the affected kidney
  • chemotherapy to kill the cancer cells
  • radiotherapy to kill the cancer cells.

It is highly responsive to treatment. About 90% of patients surviving at least five years.

Wilms tumors’ prognosis really depends on the stage of the cancer; the patient's age, the location of the tumor.
My neighbor’s son was diagnosed with a Wilms tumor at age 2. He has gone through treatments over the past 2 years and will still have more.

My cousin is 3yrs. old now and was diagnosed with Wilms tumor, stage 4 at 20 months old. Hers had spread to her lungs and her left kidney. The right kidney was removed and then she received treatment was 6 months of chemo and 8 radiation treatments. She is doing very well now. But she has to have scans to monitor her conditions.

My son is now 37, he had Wilms' tumor removed 34 years ago.  His was Stage 2 with a favorable histology.  He had surgery to remove it and his left kidney.  This was followed by 6 months of chemotherapy.

We had been on the lookout for this to happen since he was 3 months old - he had a genetic disorder that was prone to developing Wilms' tumor.