"Cannibis Is Curing My Brain Tumor," Said Former Playboy Model

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The former Playboy model, Kerri Parker, claims that cannabis is helping her cure her brain tumor after she turned down chemotherapy.



Fighting with cancer


Kerri was diagnosed with two types of brain tumor at the end of 2013 and was treated with surgery at that time.


However, in September 2018, she was told the cancer returned, and the doctor suggested traditional chemotherapy and radiotherapy for her condition. That’s when the model chose to apply CBD over chemo.


“I don’t want my hair to fall out from chemo, or my face burned from radiotherapy. I train daily, run a model academy and a nutrition business and I don’t want having cancer to affect all of this.” Said Kerri Parker when interviewed.


Kerri said she had been supported by her family and friends over the decision to use CBD rather than chemo. 



Shrinking tumor


To everyone’s surprise, the treatment did work to some extent. According to Kerri, the tumor in her brain has shrunk in half.


“If I can shrink half my brain of cancer, I’ll shrink the other half. I’ll shrink it down so there’s not a single cell left that can ever replicate.” Said Kerri Parker.


The 34-year-old model believes she’ll completely beat her cancer, and claimed there are also “side benefits” of CBD treatment.


According to Kerri, her math skills have improved and are now “incredible”. She also developed her interest in music, while she had never listened to music before. Similarly, she is now in love with art, about which she knew barely anything.


“Things are becoming new in my brain which have enlightened me to think maybe I am shrinking this (the tumor).” Said Kerri.


Kerri was crowned Miss Europe earlier this year, having won Miss UK a number of times over the past decade, and she is due to compete in Ms World in the Bahamas next month.


“Now I finally have a life – Ms World’s not my last pageant.”


However, Cancer Research UK says there isn’t enough conclusive evidence to prove cancer can be treated by cannabis.



Science behind


In fact, some research dis show cannabis could help shrink tumors.


2014:  THC and CBD helped shrink tumors


A study in University of London showed when using tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) together with radiotherapy, the combination could help shrink the tumors to a far greater extent than radiation and just one of the compounds, or radiation alone.


The team used mice models to carry out the research, and the senior author, Dr Wai Liu claimed that the results were promising. What’s more, compared with that of using one of the compounds, the dosage of the combination is smaller.


The researchers believed that pre-treatment with the cannabinoids could interfere with the ability of the tumor cell to repair the DNA-damaging effects of irradiation. Thus, the tumor cells got wiped out.




2015: THC could reduce tumor growth in cancer patients


A study co-led by Complutense University in Spain and the University of Anglia in the UK showed THC could help reduce tumor growth in cancer patients.


In the study, two human patients with highly aggressive brain tumors received intracranial administration of THC, and showed death of brain cancer cells.



2016: Cannabis could reduce tumor growth, said Harvard University


Researchers in Harvard University applied THC to mice with implanted lung cancer tumors, and the tumors shrunk in half after just three weeks.


The researchers thought that THC could activate molecules in tumor cells that stop the cell’s life cycle, thus preventing tumor growth.


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Really? If it's true, many people can be helped out.
Research done in mice is not enough to prove the effectiveness in human, and success in only two humans is not convincing enough either. It does offer a new research direction though. Hope we can deal with cancer effectively soon.
I know that cannabis was used like a nebulizer treatment for several kids for treatment of different types of illness especially ADHD I have witnessed with my own son through the years inhalation of certain strains of cannabis indacan works best not sativa works best for ADHD and numerous other ailments.The cream does work for several different pains.The lotion with CBD in it healed my deep scratches on the arm even IV sites that were damage by needle or meds given through the site area.
It's amazing that what we thought as bad can now provide us with such great benefit!
Interesting, human body enjoys sugar, cancer cells too. Cannabis is harmful to human body, it's harmful to cancer cells too.
Cancer cells develop from normal cells and they work in a similar way. That's why they both respond to sugar and cannabis as you said, and also why it's difficult to treat.
I completely disagree with that. I think it's very helpful for a number of different medical issues. Including cancer. I know my treatments were rough but was manageable with the medical marijuana. I'm lucky enough to live in a state that realizes the benefits of mm and allows people to choose for themselves on a alternative course of treatment.
I have been dealing with breast cancer for seven years.I had one chemo treatment that gave me a pulmonary embolism. I have not had any chemo since and refused radiation. Dr's told me I would probably have two years to live. Two years ago I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. No biopsy was done so could be a benign tumor, however, I started taking CBD oil and the tumor has not increased in size and my breast cancer is now "in remission". I am delighted. I am hoping that the research will continue.
Congrats! If the researches can continue, they can help more patients like you.
My partner was diagnosed with a golf ball size brain tumour and had used marijuana for years so all I can say is maybe she is using a concentrated source like capsules etc and its probably not the only natural thing she is using that making a difference cause just smoking or eating it is not going to cure it let alone prevent it!
Success in several cases doesn't mean cannabis can treat everyone. Age, gender, general health condition and treatment history are also related factors. But a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet are really linked with your health. Since a bad habit can lead to a medical condition, a good one can help with your condition, too.
Peptides cured cancer 42 years ago. Brain tumors in 8 weeks.