Drinking Water Right Cures Diseases And Costs Nothing

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Asians don't die, and I wonder why.

Did you know Japanese women have an average life expectancy of 87 years, on the contrary women in United States are expected of 73 years on average? Apparently Japanese can live 14 years longer than we do.

Here comes the question - what makes them live so long and healthy?

The answer is too simple to be true - warm water.

They drink right water at right timing.

Morning Plain Water

In the morning, first thing after getting up, they drink a glass of warm water(500 ml - 600 ml) on an empty stomach. It's a very effective way to hydrate the body which is in a state of dehydration after one night, to stimulate the digestive tract and to flush out toxins. In fact, many people have the feeling of bowel movement soon after drinking the water, it's helpful to people bothered by constipation.

Plain & warm water is the best. You're not supposed to add sugar or syrup, or ice. After drinking the water, do not eat anything until 45 minutes later. You can do whatever you want during this time as long as you don't eat. Let your body do its job.

Breakfast Green Tea

At breakfast, Japanese drink green tea. Green tea has many benefits to health, including fighting cancer cells. Green tea contains caffeine, a cup of green tea makes you wide wake.

Tip: have green tea after you've had some foods, avoid drinking tea on an empty stomach.

Afternoon Oolong Tea

Oolong tea does a great job in breaking up fat, thus it's ideal when people finish a meal. Oolong tea helps in weight loss and prevents diabetes. Oolong tea has more caffeine than green tea does, when people feel tired and stressed after several hours' work, it's one of the best drinks to make people relaxed and refreshed.

Plain Water Before Bed Time

Young ladies would avoid drinking water two hours before going to bed, for the retained water will make your eyes puffy next morning. However, if you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or high blood sugar, it's good for you to drink a glass of plain water before going to bed. This might make you wake up for bathroom at midnight, but it prevents forming of blood clots due to dehydration and thickened blood.

Tip: when you're back to bed from the bathroom, drink another glass of plain water, it will reduce your risk of stroke or heart attack the next morning.

Drinking water right is a natural medicine for many chronic diseases. The Asians for generations have proved its effectiveness. How interesting this almost costless "water therapy" is also priceless.

I find this information very helpful.
i find this information very informaiv
Like most Americans we do not drink enough water. I am sorry that I did not understand more about the timing of drinking water. Many of my friends that drink water when they arise have less bowel issues. I get swelling in my legs. I have totally revamped my drinking of fluids. These initial changes seem to be working. Thanks for sharing the information on Oolong tea. I like its taste much better than green tea. I am challenged in my consumption of that tea. I know it has wonderful benefits but I dislike the taste.
You are welcome. It's never too late to drink water right!
Steep your green tea briefly and at lower temps than oolong or black teas. This eliminates bitter taste. There are many different kinds of green teas available online. I brew loose leaf gyokuro for 45sec. At 145.  It still may be an acquired taste. And may take some time finding one that is apealling to you. Happy searching!
Thanks for your sharing!

Warm Water or Ice Water - The Hot Water Myth

Americans love ice, Asians love warm water. Have you heard about the Hot Water Myth that people drinking hot water are slimmer?

Now imagine the digestive tract as a long and winding tube, when you eat, foods go into the tube. Guess what, there're oils and fat of all kinds in your foods, these oils and fat all go into the tube. Let's pour a glass of ice water into your tube. Do you think the oils and fat will be flushed out?

If you've ever washed oily dishes you'd know that's not going to happen. Ice water freezes the oils and fat, now they become solid and stick to the walls of your tube. What is that called? Artery plaque, the waxy substance that causes obesity, stroke and heart attack eventually.

Now let's try to pour a glass of warm water into your tube. The warm water actually flushes a big portion of oils and fat out of the tube.

That's why drinking warm water makes you slimmer and healthier.

Now I don't propose hot water, because hot water damages the cells in your digestive tract, which is associated with oral cancer and esophageal cancer. Water at 130 degree Fahrenheit is suitable.

Very interesting.
They Asians do like hot water. I had an exchanged student in my home from China. She really liked drinking hot water and used microwave oven to heat that. My daughter and I were astonished. But if hot water is so beneficial, maybe I can try it myself some day.
When you ask a Chinese person with a hot thermos why he or she drinks hot water, the answer is usually "it's better for your health." Try it yourself, maybe it can also do you the magic.