Does a diet of 1,000 calories cause ketones in urine?

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I am attempting to combat an onset of eczema with a strict diet and suddenly my urine stinks like it's full of acid.  The color is white.  Also, I drink 45 ounces of clear water every day to help clear away the refuse from dead fat cells.  Thanks for your answer.

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Unlikely. Urine ketones are most frequently caused by diabetic ketoacidosis or fasting. Also, is a strict diet really helpful for eczema? I am not a dermatologist, but I'm skeptical of that.

Here are some reasons that may cause excess ketones in the urine:
1. Fasting or starvation: such as with anorexia (an eating disorder)
2. High protein or low carbohydrate diet
3. Vomiting over a long period (such as during early pregnancy)
4. Acute or severe illnesses, such as sepsis or burns
5. High fevers
6. The thyroid gland making too much thyroid hormone (hyperthyroidism)
7. Nursing a baby, if the mother does not eat and drink enough

Ketones are produced by the bodies metabolising protein. Specifically the protein of their own tissues such as muscle. Muscle metabolism occurs when people don't eat enough calories, of either fats, carbs or protein, to meet their energy needs. Fat is the preferred energy fuel but if its in too short a supply the body will start to break down its own stores of fat and muscle. High ketone levels can be dangerous

Are you sure it's ketones in urine?

Hi, what is your strict diet? Does it contain low protein, low glucose and high fat? It has been reported that long-term high fat, low protein and low glucose diet will increase the production of the ketone in your body, which might finally be excreted in the urine. The theory is that your body will consume fat when there is not enough protein and glucose, while the ketone is the metabolic product of fat.