Retook blood pressure, now 133 over 60. Heart rate 43. Haven't taken blood pressure meds yet today (Calif time).

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Hi, Bonnie, I've noticed that you had submitted another question at

It would make it easier for others to understand your condition if all the information is gathered at the same page. So, I'll add some info here, if you don't mind.

Age: 76 year old

Blood pressure this AM: 111/63

Hi Bonnie, your BP is okay but your pulse is too low. Are you feeling tired or dizzy? I think you need to get an EKG, there must be something for the low pulse. If you feel dizzy or about to faint, go to ER immediately.

Your BP is normal. Your heart rate is low. Normal heart rate is 60-100bpm. You should have an EKG test and see if you need to see a cardiologist.

During the course of taking the medicine, you need to monitor your blood pressure after taking the medicine. Your blood pressure is normal when you are not taking the medicine. Your heart rate is slower than normal (60-100). What are the antihypertensive drugs you usually take? β-R blockers can slow heart rates.