How low is dangerous blood pressure?

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My blood pressure is always around 75/55 I feel good. Work out daily. Is this a problem. I’m 5’4””

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It's a little low. If you have no symptom, no need to worry.

From the numerical point of view, your blood pressure is very low. Are you anemic? Do you usually have dizziness, blurred vision and/or fatigue?

I have no problems with any of those. I’m very healthy but I always have those low numbers on my BP readings. Should I be concerned
In this case, you may try to measure once with some other monitor. My mom always complained about her low blood pressure, one day she went to the clinic, the nurse took it and it shows borderline high. It turns out the monitor she's using isn't accurate, which I don't understand why. That's an Omron.
If you don't have any discomfort, you don't need to worry.
I have problem of low blood pressure and mine BP hovers around 80/56. I was told that there is no lower limit on blood pressure. 50/33 is considered dangerously low blood pressure, but you can pass out before then. I fully passed out a few times in the past, but I improved my health condition by eating healthily and regularly, which takes years. As I know, some people who have dangerous low blood pressure in the hospital administered some IV things to raise it.
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