Albumin/creatinine ratio is 1731.

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my albumin/creatinine ratio was 1731 on my last lab visit. what does this mean?

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Albumin creatinine ratio in a urine test is used to give an indication of the wellness of your kidneys and how they are functioning. This is so especially if you have diabetes. When the albumin to creatinine ratio (ACR) is less than 30mg/g, this could indicate that the kidneys are filtering wastes and other substances properly.

When the ACR is more than 30mg/g but less than 300mg/g, this may mean that the kidney is leaking albumin and does not filter out creatinine as desired. This could imply that you are experiencing microalbuminuria. A second test may be required to confirm the first reading results. Moreover, a ratio, which is more than 300gm/g, could indicate that the kidneys are not filtering properly and this is called macroalbuminuria.

Albumin creatinine ratio (ACR) is used to measure the level of functioning of the kidneys. The normal ratio should be around less than 30 mg/g of creatinine. It varies in men and women. In men, the level is <17 mg/g whereas in women, the level is around 25 mg/g.

If the ratio is a little bit high, that is, around 35 - 300 mg/g, it is known as microalbuminuria. It indicates that the kidneys may be slightly diseased.

If the ratio is more than 300 mg/g, it is known as macroalbuminuria. It indicates a severe kidney disease.

It means severe kidney function impairment. You have to see a Nephrology specialist.
I did the test yesterday, ACR ratio was 18.3. My doctor told me it was a little bit higher. BTW I am 34, male.